Discussion how to use the nofollow tag

September 11, 2017

[nofollow] is the introduction to the HTML attribute of the link, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon man can tell the search engines do not follow the links on this page by this property, or don’t follow a specified link, recommend these or not this link to this site. Once after using nofollow, the weight will not export.

a href= "URL" rel= "external nofollow" irrigation

on the evening of October 26, 2012, "love Shanghai – Shanghai dragon Webmaster Platform high-end club salon, I personally love to ask the LEE about Shanghai’s support for nofollow mode. LEE said to be the nofollow link should weight will be assigned to the other is not the link to nofollow. So now the station link with nofollow, the baby may be a waste of noble PR, fell in love with the sea is planning can link station weight flow.

nofollow on the

Using the method of

time Zac and country level had a controversy about the nofollow, is nofollow in the end will not waste PR. According to the official interpretation of the noble baby, there are 10 links on a page that


love Shanghai


the above dispute only for the nobility baby, love Shanghai is carried out in accordance with the way the baby is not necessarily noble. July 2010 love Shanghai search engineer LEE nofollow in response to love Shanghai support "love Shanghai webmaster club", but did not explain how to support nofollow, should be assigned to be nofollow link weight is also wasted and noble baby. If it is wasted, so it is best not to use the link on the station, why want to own itelinks waste weight?

from "Shanghai dragon deeplyanalyzing ruffian Rui" knowledge sharing in

> How to support the nofollow


a href= "URL" rel= "nofollow"

, then the PR page will be divided into 10 parts to these links, if one of the links is nofollow, then the corresponding PR is derived, as should guide to this link does not know where to go PR. Because in accordance with the interpretation, should be given to the nofollow link PR and not to other links are not nofollow. Because of the different interpretation of the original article, so there are disputes.

nofollow is used in two ways, one is to add the nofollow attribute to the link:

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