Google launched the website landscape can share panoramic photos to Google maps

September 11, 2017

users can own panorama photos uploaded to the Google website "landscape" Sina Technology News Beijing time on July 31st afternoon news, Google (890.92,8.65,0.98%) today announced the launch of a new community website "landscape" (Views), the user will be open to share panoramic photos to Google maps.

Why choose Google

now instead of panoramic photos first appeared when released to the site, now can make nothing of it. Pessimists say, Google expected panoramic photo function will receive a huge response, but it did not, therefore tries to enhance the popularity of landscape function. Optimists think, chose to launch the "landscape" is now in order to allow more users to use the Android function. In any case, through the website of the Crowdsourcing can add more content to Google maps, this approach is very clever.

using Android 4.2 and updated version of the device can shoot panoramic photos. And let these photos buried in the mobile phone or noble baby +, than to share them with the public on a Google map for users around the world to appreciate. To this end, Google had launched the "landscape".

"landscape" to provide users with personal page, display all the panoramic picture of the user and can be described as adding photos. Users can also browse photos on a map.

procedure is very simple: using noble baby + account login "landscape" website, and then click on the top right corner of the blue button camera, add photos + nobility baby. Or in the Android photo library application click "share", then select the Google map.

now "not many landscape photos, upload a lot of photos of Google street view as a supplement. The user can click on the top of the page "Browse" button, select the country or city, landscape view Google’s most popular street photos.


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