Answer to solve the problem of the controversial Shanghai Longfeng proposed by ER

September 11, 2017

, a PR value has no reference value

love weight is nonsense? ?

careful observation you will find that Google PR is now more humane, as long as there is a domain name before the PR value, although the domain name in the PR, the value is not changed, now when a PR4 site is not long-term maintenance, the PR value may decline to a Google PR may be in order to eliminate those link behavior, when an old domain name PR, seems to have become less valuable! Figure (2010 PR4 optimized logistics station, and now no maintenance has been changed to PR2:

from Google China, Google PR for the Shanghai dragon reference value greatly reduced? To begin in November last year, Google PR seems to be out of order, not what the law, some of the new site can be successfully reached PR2 and PR3, so many webmaster think Google PR has lost its meaning, at least in domestic website optimization. There has been no previous to the important.

love Shanghai weight many webmaster fascination, many owners opposed, although not love Shanghai official data, but personally think that it is still of great reference value, its value not only in a numerical, more important is to be in inside to capture what keywords are ranking, ranking the first of several, produced by which page ranking, with this data support, you can let us in the optimization of more targeted.



two, Shanghai

a lot of things are not only, there is no absolute, Shanghai Dragon Technology and knowledge is also the case, may be suitable for optimization methods and routines of their own, how much effect on others will not, because Shanghai dragon is a comprehensive evaluation, it with different industries, different sites, and even the details are there are different results, so again, for their own is the best. Recently saw some Shanghai dragon er said some controversial problems of today are collecting and sorting, personally think it is very necessary to answer one by one, because these articles may be misleading to some novice, even his staff in Shanghai Longfeng operation is also influenced by many.

also from PR value can also see how the weight of a web site. Although it can achieve 2 or 3 some new or seemingly bad website PR, but really on a PR4 or PR5 above the station still have the quality of this type of site PR value increased more slowly than the railway station, the weight of the website and the stability of the new keywords is a new station incomparable. Another new station can reach PR4 or within a short period of time with a value of 5, in addition to the estimated site optimization efforts greatly, there may be a lot of one-way links point, this type of potential in exchange links can be met without resort, once well hold.

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