See the love Shanghai algorithm two vulnerabilities from the business circle game ranking

September 10, 2017



has second links: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=kkk103%B5%E7%C9%CC%C8%A6& n=2& inputT=625

For example: The first

electric district Shanghai Longfeng contest is now the last month, the site of the past two months, the accumulation of resources, last month is the resources to fight the moment. You talk about the recent focus of attention of everyone on the contest is nothing more than a horse kkk103 electric district rankings and the portal chain dispute buy high quality, nothing to put aside this optimization technique on bias, two obvious flaws love Shanghai algorithm.

flow wizard software download address: 贵族宝贝

in the search box input "business"

kkk103贵族宝贝 to talk about this website ranking from more than 50 to jump to the first, is almost beyond all expectations, why do you say so, because it is through the analysis of the chain and chain and the site is not particularly cattle, and compared to the previous first, second ranked slightly difference, that is what reason to make it in such a short time ranking soared? We know that love Shanghai algorithm is straight towards the direction of improving the user experience, we understand the drop-down box and relevant search through the bottom two chart the following simple.

flow Wizard

after completion of the above two steps, we open the flow of the wizard, in my first paste the URL link, the destination URL paste second links, the source URL paste the first link, set up and click to share, OK, complete. But we should pay attention to.

2, the bottom search


The following

was the first link: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%B5%E7%C9%CC%C8%A6& n=2& inputT=797

we again search "kkk103 business circle"


teach you how to achieve this effect. There are two main methods, one is the hand, the other is with the help of software, but the principle is the same, taking into account the manual may be time consuming. The children how to use the software operation. There are a lot of software used by children, give you a demonstration of

vulnerabilities: rapid promotion through the brush search and drop-down box ranking

1, the drop-down box for

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