The commonly used search instructions can be used in 360

September 10, 2017

double quotes: "

double quotes. The search results in double quotes, on behalf of complete matching. What is a screenshot:

a look at the data of the first feeling is too small, the A5.

"Look at the next

double quotes:




No double quotes:

double quotes also played a certain role, see the tip will know that there is effect. But the same is not too strict, in contrast to the love of Shanghai will know:

in August 16th this year, 360 launched a comprehensive search, with a user base of 360 products of large, occupying about 10% of the Chinese rushed to search the market, became the Chinese search leader, can be said to be a very shocking thing. For ordinary users to use 360 browser, may occasionally try the 360 comprehensive search, but found things most people still use love Shanghai, love Shanghai has laid a brand name for many years, Shanghai has become a habit of love. However, for some website optimization industry, many people will slowly start to study search habits and technical characteristics of the 360, in order to better optimize the search, although the 360 can not be compared with love Shanghai, but after all it is the second oldest profession, how they have seen a heavy. For a known security products of the company, only do search technology, what? We from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, analysis of some commonly used search instructions in search results to 360.

this is not a minus sign:

Shanghai have leather even the love of his life, but it missed 360, the feeling is not rigorous.

look at the webmaster inquires the included site instruction. They say the command to check out inaccurate data, but even estimate also has a certain basis. Picture:

minus –


this is a minus sign:

visible in 360 minus search still plays a role, basically not what big problem, unfortunately missed the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. But compare the love Shanghai search results:

starts from the most simple minus. Minus is when certain keywords do not want to use the search results appear in the instruction. As the search "-A" search will not appear in the keyword "A". This command can not work 360 search pictures:

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