Shanghai Longfeng no absolute user experience is the real king

September 10, 2017

! Optimization methods and means of Shanghai dragon

search engine algorithm change, really let many webmaster feel crazy, only those who have high weight website, will not be affected, because the optimization of the webmaster friends are not the same, summed up the method is not the same, sometimes feel like Shanghai dragon lottery like, there are a lot of things so misty, color many of the lottery like webmaster study Shanghai dragon, never really know the method and rules of it, but the Shanghai dragon is certainly in line with the user experience of the website, the search engine is more recognized. Those so-called methods and rules may be temporary, so Shanghai Dragon technology can mean.

Shanghai dragon

webmaster friends are not the same, although many webmaster are from the same training institutions, but some ideas or different! Said the Shanghai dragon is not absolutely, I think it can be seen from some of the operations of Shanghai Longfeng, such as key word density, two or three years ago to be sure keywords, the greater density, is more favorable for ranking, but now there is a webmaster dare? Most of the time we found a lot of website keyword density is 1 per cent, but the ranking is very good, the density of 2%-8% have become a cloud! In addition, now many webmaster said article keywords position, an article in the first sentence there is a key, and then appeared in the middle of a few times, and then summed up the back again, perhaps Many owners of this operation have certain effect; being nurtured, now many webmaster also in imitation, sometimes even forced into words, is to make the article more keyword density, thus the higher correlation, but from the operating results, the effect is not so obvious, even sometimes will have the opposite effect, there were too many search engines might think you’re too deliberate, is suspected of cheating

whether inside quality of articles, keywords >

engage in more than a year, the Shanghai dragon can also understand, although every day is their own learning and exploration, but still get a feel for it. Every day with a group of friends and share some knowledge from the Shanghai dragon, also learned a lot, but also realize that Shanghai Dragon technology is a difficult exploration of things, often change and love Shanghai algorithm, many things seem so sure, plus the website categories and different industries method and routine optimization is very different, so we can see how many seemingly no optimization website ranking is very ideal, some even seem to do very far, but the ranking is among the best, at this moment if you just to imitate others, I think it is a very absurd thing, because we are all do the keywords ranking factors are many, don’t fancy some bad factors of others, forget the other



optimization method there is no absolute

user experience is the real king

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