The new new energy industry website how to optimize keywords

September 9, 2017

mining long tail keywords

determination should be extremely related to the content of the channel. For example, in the "solar" channel, determine the keywords for solar lights, solar water heater, solar power generation.

we can search love Shanghai to dig the long tail keywords. Frame in Shanghai love to enter the keyword search, search related words appear below the drop-down box and the pages are all we can refer to. If you can from the user’s point of view to excavate the long tail keywords effect will be better. For example, the target page can tap the long tail keywords are: what is the small wind power generation, wind power generation principle, reliable complementary streetlights scenery, scenery complementary the cost of monitoring high etc..

web site identified the core keywords


Keywords Optimization of

channel page keywordsDue to the weight of

home page keywords should not be too much, three to five of the best. Why target keywords number should not be too much? For example this website home page weight is 100, if the optimization of 5 words, each keyword can get 20 points, if the simultaneous optimization of 10 words, each keyword can only get 10 points. Keywords optimization more, more difficult. Keywords new energy saving supermarket website for small wind power generation, complementary, complementary streetlights scenery, scenery complementary monitoring.

first analysis of this industry, a lot of new energy covering categories, like solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, etc.. Solar and wind energy more familiar to people, the other is the more popular new energy. Solar energy and more fierce competition, small wind power generation wind power generation in the network have almost a professional website on the Internet can do search related information of this profession is very small. The small wind power generation especially wind and solar power generation system has become more and more in the practical application is being sought after, people want to get more information about this message. Therefore, the core of the web site keywords as "small wind power", and the original data of competitiveness of small and professional website unique both for the user or search engines are very attractive.

sees a lot of industry websites are the name of each channel as home page keywords, keywords channel more home is more, so the optimization of keywords to bring great difficulty. The new energy supermarket as an example, to analysis the key words how to optimize the industry.

is higher than the weight of the channel page content page, each channel can be considered in 1 to 3 keywords page optimization.

to determine the target keywords web page

Shanghai Longfeng people know that "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Keywords optimization there are high quality original articles and high quality of a variety of external links.


The number of >

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