The website is K to the present day received 100 joy to share

September 9, 2017

B: do A on the basis of course as the chain of the king is not the lack of good day and good planning of the chain of your plans, properly and logically arranged slowly increase. Best to do some high quality of the chain, so the effect will be more obvious.


webmaster and I the same problem, first mentality is to be put, don’t worry, as the saying goes, eat hot tofu, more in this time you have to be more calm, set the mind a good idea to plan the next step.

is the first key can use two words to say: that is to adhere to the

A: because the website, so the spiders to re recognize your website, then if you are not careful, the possibility of K is very large, like my site, second days included directly down to 1, the snapshot has not updated, this time as long as 1 and a half for a long time, so at this time, we have to deal with that after the revision of the website quality, do some high quality original articles to attract spider, slowly let the spider again pay attention to your website, this is very important.

first we look at today’s included, this picture is December 21st today the results of the query, you can see the collection of 24 hours has reached 161, and then look down, from before December 16th results included all kept at 1 and 14 that day and even love Shanghai included in the 0, the main reason of this result is because of my website. Before December 15th, almost 1 months now, love Shanghai always included for 1, is a stalemate in the snapshot time, no update, at this time I would like to be your daily mood burning, sleep sleep well, eat also eat not sweet. But God is for me, now the site finally began to recover slowly, now I will say that I do not actually, what skills, nor what the secret, this is by diligence and hard work.

If you encounter a Summary:

C: that is to adhere to, remember two days fishing nets three days of drying, it is one thing to do the most taboo, but now this society what is the need to adhere to will have the sweetness of victory, Shanghai dragon is as some, only do a good job in every day. So, your site is more than others a talent shows itself.

Hello, nice to meet you here and today, I will give you my share included hundreds of feelings of joy, and also give everyone a little experience I hope to be able to help you, there are pictures and the truth, the first figure to LOOK it.

is an important basis of original website after all is said and done, the chain plays a complementary and important, adhere to is the ultimate point, only insist, will have the victory, the webmaster continue refueling, don’t give up, maybe there will be tomorrow, the old practice of this paper by http:/>

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