How to determine the optimal price of keywords

September 9, 2017


after the heat, you can basically know the keywords about the price, but this is not enough, it is also the internal website optimization, to optimize, or how called web site optimization, so be sure to see what he is writing program, it is written in ASP, it may be modified simple, probably after a Trojan handling up trouble, so be sure to put the space charges out, there may be a problem but also to modify the code, which some people may ask, this is us? We are certainly not normal, but you think you do website optimization, are forwarded to you the problem, before the company will be responsible for it, it will not, so we have to own to modify, the costs should be considered.


then look at the length of time domain name to determine the price, if the new domain name that is needless to say, if the old domain name must see the name and age, the domain name is punished, if has not included, it can pick up the money, because it is certainly our domain name can’t save, even if the rankings are not saved, like, so not to change new domain name, or directly said, anyway, who then, have bad luck.

red mark is the search volume, if the value of more proof related posts more, this will illustrate the key difficulty in a certain extent, this is definitely the right, also is the number from the bidding, the bidding website generally more and more able to explain the words more fire. If this keyword we cannot do it, how much is the number of top-level domain name, if the top-level domain is much, and all of the titles are the key words, so to a certain extent, the key word is fire, if more than three have, it is needless to say, this price must be very high, generally the words I do not do, because too much things, maybe prices will not be too high, too high if they go directly to do PPC, Is it.

there is to see what is the key, if the hospital, the price is not the same, the units are not bad money, the key is that.

Hello, I am the actual web design, there have been a lot of customers asked me the website optimization price, the beginning is not too good judgment, as has been in the optimization of their company’s website, but now due to the needs of the market, not only do Shanghai dragon in this block, beginning to tell the truth, don’t judge too good keyword optimization price, but slowly began to form a certain law, so today to share out, hope to help everyone. First of all, to look at the key words heat, the general is to see the search, if the search volume, that must be a lot of, the key to, may have some friends who don’t know what is the search volume, I give you cut a figure.

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