Automotive electricity supplier from groping to mature normalization is the only way to develop

February 28, 2017

in the electricity business there is such a saying, did not experience the eleven can not be called a complete electricity supplier, like a soldier who did not participate in the battle. Indeed, today’s double eleven is the best day to exercise and test an electricity supplier team, which led to the pace of China’s entire electricity supplier industry, but also to witness and promote the development of a number of vertical electricity supplier in the field.

double eleven car electricity supplier watershed

car last year’s defending champion announced the double eleven day data on the early morning of November 12th: total amount of orders reached 532331, more than 5 times last year, only its electric car · the benefits of buying a car in the confirmation of the turnover reached 15796 units. The data in the earnings conference call, Q3 was once again CEO Li Bin confirmed to investors. It is reported that BITAUTO’s two major electricity supplier platform · and the benefits of buying a car easy car mall 11.11 day order quantity (users pay the deposit amount) were 26 thousand and 37 thousand, a total of more than 63 thousand pen. In the year after the second electric cars double eleven war, BITAUTO once again set a China car business record, successfully defending eleven champion two electric cars.

from last year’s double eleven began to enter the public view of the automobile electricity supplier, last year was bustling, around the automobile manufacturers, how the nature of the electricity supplier, distributors, business platform collaboration and a series of topics, each has launched a new round of debate. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, these arguments have a centralized inspection in eleven double business practice this year, successfully defending the BITAUTO cannot give the ultimate answer, but at least take practical action to help us closer to the ultimate answer.

The practice of

from the surge in sales and the champ car, this year’s double eleven China drive electric cars ushered in a new watershed, indicates that the electric car will move toward normalization in short, from the grope to the stage of maturity. Of course, the car business is a systematic project, involving automobile circulation in the interests of all parties, to mature on the road, the car electricity supplier must fight for automobile manufacturers, widely recognized dealers and consumers, to meet the needs of the parties, in order to obtain sustainable development.

car manufacturers: I want to improve the distribution channels, rather than one or two days of sales

in the electronic commerce of the outstanding enterprises raging like a storm today, a large number of traditional fields, even industry giants are suffering thinking, they not only have a headache how to do Internet marketing, more headache is how to cope with the two channels online and offline, because it is good for walking on two legs, but only synchronous consistent to vigorous pace, 1+1> 2. The same is true for automobile manufacturers, is hoping to customer relationship management online channels innovation, build efficient new sales channels, the formation of brand communication more interactive, and hope to continue to play the 4S shop sales task, and provide the perfect car, commissioning, customer service service for users.

so, to the car manufacturers

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