Talk about do Wangzhuan thoughts for a yearLost and evolved after ten years’ snapping fingers

September 9, 2017

2, do not dream of joining an organization will be able to immediately make money

, do not be too impetuous

from last year to now contact Wangzhuan for almost a year and 5 months, it should be said that we are lucky, because when I first started to do Wangzhuan, no contact investigation, registration of these primary a thankless task of Wangzhuan project. But also not deceived, and always have income. I was in July last year, because the work free, they want to open shop to earn extra money, search for information on the network exposure to a virtual software project, through their own efforts, 3 months, in order to bring the income of 20 thousand yuan. At that time, I only use a method, that is through the sh419 know promotion.


, just look at what happened in the last ten years.

ten years later, PC era switched to the mobile Internet era. In January 17, 2006, the China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC issued the seventeenth statistical report on the development of China’s internet. According to the report, as of December 31, 2005, China had about 45 million 900 thousand Internet computers and about 1> subscribers

ten years fingers, for entrepreneurs, not short.

Abstract: ten years is too short to be nostalgic, but for entrepreneurs, it is a big drama with growth as its theme. This is about entrepreneurship, human nature, concentration and luck story, is a small footnote in the past ten years of entrepreneurial history, but also the next ten years, to today’s 90 entrepreneurs reference system.

but it’s not easy to be a legend tomorrow. Ten years later, when we again returned to the four people, they are a little fat, coincidentally switching the runway. Li Xiang from pcpop steering the car home, all struggling after finally listed, his new identity is the smart electric car and home of the founder of the enterprise. "Mao Kankan has resigned from a fiend in human shape" MaJoy in 2009, and choke a few slobber in Entrepreneurship in the ocean, in September 2015 founded the whwh gaming media. Burning out of MySee, the process of some embarrassment, he now found a more suitable for their own positioning: investment. The "geek Shaoxia" said Dai Zhikang hand up Discuz! Already committed Tencent, after he is coated with a layer of gold in a large company, now is the founder of venture capital partners, six or seven of the time spent on the study, 1/10 of the time to take care of the business partner of venture capital investment.


is now the Internet is full of training institutions, are XXX circles, full day to earn a few hundred, earn tens of thousands of advertising, in addition to the temptation of each circle after advertising, did not forget to add zero risk commitment, not to earn the refund, the purpose is to enable you to join them in this self the years also joined a lot of training institutions, Taobao marketing, SEO, bid, also paid a high price to join the master circle. I am not saying that we can’t go into these bodies or circle, there is actually a circle of these institutions and the network, itself is a good thing, because it may let us shorten the groping Road, and expand our network of resources, however, we join the circle, do not take part in this circle will be able to make their own money to this mentality and how much money, to see how much, now the network project is not what good you join will be able to earn money, even if there is, people generally do not report, to the time announced, this project basically has to end.

along the way, income at the same time, there are a lot of feelings:


Bao driving car founder Li Rubin at the end of 2015 and a high meeting. "If I hadn’t seen the story of four of you ten years ago, I might have given up my business and found a company to stay."." Li Rubin says.

on the network, do any of the items are unlikely to put the first day there will be a harvest, no income, no what, second days to third days, no income, my heart began to feel impetuous, the operation of the project not to earn money, then quit the project now, looking for another project. I was after almost half a month of hard work, just got his first paycheck, I clearly remember that when I go out the cost, only earned 10 yuan of money. So, when you identify a project to make money, stick to it, will harvest, but the length of time

but with more things to sell, customer service is more and more tired, eventually abandoned the project in October when. After giving up the Taobao project, access to SEO training institutions was very fire, claiming that a year of training the students more than 15 thousand people joined in learning. Then using the knowledge of SEO to do Taobao off the project until now. Income is not much, but stable

you will see the scars of their confrontation with time, they are growing pains as the founder was halfway out, friends of the company fighting, financing part company each going his own way, stranded, self lost…… They were standing on the air, but not in the limelight, but these setbacks and pain, let them become better yourself now.

ten years ago, Li Xiang, Mao Kankan, Dai Zhikang and other high as 80 business representative, boarded the "China entrepreneur" magazine see "China entrepreneur" magazine in 2006 fifth "was born in 80s, when the" cover story, after 80 business is not the mainstream culture acceptance and recognition, has subverted them the aura. See this report, Li Rubin and Yao Jinbo, Jin Xin co founded the school education has not yet listed, is suffering from the development of business. "The four men were shocked by the entrepreneurs at that time, no less than Ma Yun." Li Rubin says to this print.

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