My knight station group profit plan to try it

September 9, 2017

funds: RMB less than 100

The third step: the layout of Specific arrangements:


, a virtual space

station group

3, spent 1 days time, looking for the three main content sources, and writing good collection rules.

2, spent 3 days time, the construction of three main station, and set the column content of Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings on the site, submitted to the search engine.

summary: this step is mainly to build the main station, after the completion of the main station building, you can enter the next step.

The second step: the construction of

4, the rest of the time, 50 / station speed released every day, and gradually increased to 200 / day or so.

Expected output: 0 group

, to share with you I have a step-by-step plan for the program group knight, please paizhuan.

capital investment: 800 – 1000

hardware configuration: Knight station group junior Version (RMB 599), the domain name 2-3 (RMB 120), virtual host or VPS (200)


: 1-3

1, in their own space construction site

Time required: 30 days

The time required for

The time required for

3, familiar with the background function, familiar with the collection and distribution functions such as

hardware configuration: Knight station group free version of a domain name,

site was the major search engines, to enter the next step (you can also skip into the third step,

summary: this step is familiar with the knight station group background function, when there is a general understanding of the background after the operation, you can enter the next step.

2, download the free version of Knight stations opened, authorization,

station The first step: familiar with the function of

The following Specific arrangements:

Forewarned is forearmed. To do so is station group. The knight is a good group of software, I am in understanding and in the A5 group purchase, but do station group also needs to have clear ideas, reasonable arrangement and good execution, in order to achieve the ultimate objective of building a successful base station. Just contact for the station group, friends put much more so, planning and reasonable arrangement, in order to achieve the maximum output input ratio.


: 7-10

is expected to output: money income of 0, the master began to search engine traffic.


1, spent 1 days time, to consider their own analysis of station location of

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