Project site optimization analysis of Fuzhou decoration company

September 8, 2017

company will develop their own (such as NetEase, Sina, Tencent, etc.), small sites and personal projects most of the use of third party open source, according to the specific choice of demand, such as forum, blog portal, mall, etc., in the open Internet can almost meet the needs of our own, of course, does not rule out the possibility of God the development of.

H1 tag to a page can appear only once, page logo pictures to add ALT tags, the other picture is also possible to add ALT tags;

The choice of decoration website program

program)The domain name keyword in the title

Chinese optimization domain, if the website contains the target keywords digital, should consider the domain name contains commonly used digital target keywords,贵族宝贝 at the end of many new websites using the new domain is better.

The rational use of nofollo>

is a domain name, the Internet is a number, we will give the corresponding number of a "home", the home is used to store the information we need to show the place, consider whether to support the PHP, pseudo static, 404, 301, and other general web log selection; however, when access speed stability factors the safety, also must consider the 贵族宝贝517jkw.org/ brand of service providers is a better choice.


keyword density in a reasonable range of 2%~8%;



is the number, have a family, we have to consider how to decorate the house, let the talent shows itself in many websites, users and search engines like, so as to meet our needs or reach a goal.

URL uses a tree structure;

2, URL

2. server, host

, a preparation (space, domain name,

two, decoration label, description, keywords, navigation

decoration page optimizationThe

1. decorationConsider short and easy to remember, industry, brand related factors such as

three, decoration page optimization, URL optimization, chain optimization

Description: 3, the title of key words, and read fluent

decoration optimization

4, a word: the navigation target key except about 3 key words of a sentence, put in the header or footer, add anchor text, can play the role of weight transfer, but also make the site more abundant.

web page to use the absolute path, while standardizing the URL address, the URL standard;

1, Website Title: about 3 keywords – target keywords

2, the website label: you can specify or directly use the

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