Study how to maximize the role of the chain website

September 8, 2017

1, ranking the chain: the chain ranking does not require much higher quality, but are more or less have a certain quality, so we can do some simple replies, the message and the evaluation, so with these simple operation to improve quantity, and find high weight platform, in reply, message and evaluation, we should not be too obvious to the hair of the chain, but as far as possible the natural or hidden, so this is the chain ranking simple manipulation.

of course the chain is not to say that the more the better, there are a lot of sites is more than chain in the chain, but the ranking effect is not significant, so this time we will pay attention to a chain and in the chain of the golden ratio, 1:0.8 is the normal ratio, this ratio is the most suitable for the optimization, may be some friends ignore >

3, reprint transfer weights of the chain: the so-called transfer weights of reprint chain effect is the best quality, because basically this chain is the original article appeared in the search engine, so its weight is very high, it was reproduced in addition, then the weight will be increased with the increase in turn so, the quality of the chain mellow and labor, have to do a work many times the income effect, so I suggest that the chain is one of the best ways.

, attract spider

two, within the chain and the chain of the golden ratio


has a lot of friends mentioned outside the chain, the first thing is the quality of the chain and the chain effect, so the chain is one of the never ending topic, we do the chain in Shanghai Longfeng, some friends in order to cope with the pass quickly, always irresponsible to send junk outside chain in a some of the rubbish platform, even there are a number of Shanghai Longfeng novice always feel more than the quality of the chain, actually these are wrong, we have to do well in the chain chain operation is different according to our different requirements, so the quality and effect of the chain will be maximized, so in-depth study of the chain is very important I studied, a set of methods for the chain operation, the chain effect is different according to different requirements, here to share with you:

spider guide chain: the so-called spider guide chain, is to let the spider in the snapshot included posts must also included our site articles or update our website weight page, guide the spider chain in operation, we usually choose to blog, such as micro-blog high weight platform release the station has some articles, and leave the source address and our website weight page address, to do this, the chain guide spider can be completed, and every day we adhere to the chain effect and the site included will increase.

we all know the chain is to attract the spider crawling posts and in accordance with the post address to our website, and reach the station inside the included effect, a long time will be ranked up, so we can not attract spiders in sloppy, attract spider this one still has some of the doorways, which is roughly divided into three grade:

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