Shanghai dragon Er how to step by step to deal with your competitors

September 8, 2017

3. from the outside of your competitors

want to hit the target, we need to aim at the first shot. In Shanghai dragon industry competition, find their competitors is a key first step. To find your competitors is not difficult, we search keywords in the search engine to find the independent site, those related to us in the natural search results, these are your competitors, of course we need to exclude these sites, because we need to take into account their own strength.

1. out of your current and potential competitors

we analyze the website internal competitors are still not enough, we also need from outside of our competitors for a "interrogation". We need to examine the competitors outside the chain, snapshots, etc. Shanghai love is easy to get data, by means of the competitor’s site number.

is of interest for local rivals will inevitably appear in this piece, Shanghai dragon has great commercial value of the big cake naturally is never a lack of competition. For fear of competitors, people can only wait for the failure, and to learn and dare to challenge the last laugh. The competition in Shanghai dragon in this industry is very fierce, failure is inevitable encounter, how to discover, learn, until the destruction of your competitors is the key. In this paper, we talk about as Shanghai dragon Er how to step by step "to deal with your competitors.

for example your keyword search results in the first row of sina贵族宝贝.cn, then you need to get the sina贵族宝贝.cn removed, because sina贵族宝贝.cn whether it is brand awareness or the weight has been very high, the site as their competitors is tantamount to throwing. Some people say, I have been ranked first, then I just have no competitors?! you have a lot of potential competitors! You in progress at the same time, other people can not stop, do not be proud or otherwise you will soon be squeezed under

What do you need to parse

2. from the site of the internal analysis of your main competitors

since we have dug out our existing and potential competitors, then we will analysis our competitors do optimization. First you need to parse your competitor’s website, optimization direction, watching his every act and every move. If our competitors short-term volatility is relatively large, our competitors may also be just a novice, site optimization is less stable, if one of our competitors ranked relatively stable, and the site is your analytical object.

parsing? These sites page layout, web design, web content, and even the details, such as the 404 page you have to take into account. You can find from these issues why your competitors can stabilize the rankings, and you are not? Do the analysis, sorting.


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