Seize the Mid Autumn Festival hot topic traffic leap up

September 8, 2017

first dig out the key words about the Mid Autumn Festival, the search will love Shanghai to dig out some of the more popular keywords, if you still feel not enough, of course, can make good use of a tool, such as the Shanghai love promotion background, Google keyword tool and download some keyword mining tools, mining some of the relevant keywords, of course if it is to engage in traffic station, of course, choose some high search volume competition small keywords, this row to the first page greatly increases the chance, this should be based on the weight of the website. The weight high site, of course is mainly for the high amount of search words, keywords mining is the first step to do.



mail of course there are many, such as QQ group marketing, QQ SMS, micro-blog mobile phone blessing expressions, there is a beautiful blessing the page, which can be inserted into their own advertising.

is the second construction content: according to the keywords extracted, some contents of the original or false original, made the best illustrated form, this let a person see the effect is not the same, read the article you can feel the atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival, the title of the site to make sure new features, with the mid autumn festival atmosphere. Create user love content, using the principle of reasonable segmentation, will bring more long tail keywords ranking, the contents of the Mid Autumn Festival is also a good idea to make a special.

in addition to enhance the site traffic with the station optimization, there are some other ways, I think is very good, such as for potential customers to send mid autumn blessing, of course, to bless, incidentally some products of your site, such as cakes, gifts, personally feel that advertising can not be too strong, otherwise the customer will disgusted, and for some old customers, do not forget the mid autumn festival greetings and blessings, as long as the big day, can send mail to the form of blessing, such as greeting cards, let the customer feel warm, really impress the customer you will not worry about business.

China Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival, with the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival is all about becoming hot by mid autumn festival marketing or promotion of website traffic is a good time to get good, such as flow station, if you do something about the recent promotion of optimization, traffic must have been soaring recently the moon cake, moon cake marketing, group purchase, mid autumn festival also engage in activities beyond count site well before the Mid Autumn Festival, the promotion will be a good opportunity to improve site traffic. Love from Shanghai index we can see search instructions in rising in the Mid Autumn Festival:

In addition to the

how to use the Mid Autumn Festival let your site traffic increase? I think we can start from the following aspects:

Key words: Mining


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