A few questions from the owners are most concerned with the problem of Shanghai Dragon

September 7, 2017


Shanghai dragon to what, ask ten people, eight or nine people have said, brush ranking, the hair of the chain, write articles. The key is the ranking problem, if the day of the rankings off, that is the chain of instability, is crazy hair the chain, the final ranking recovery, and before long, ranking dropped, we still follow the old way to "optimize", the ranking is up, in the course of time, the chain increased one day, ranking good and bad, these do Shanghai Longfeng is not for reasons, but the Shanghai dragon but thought he had learned advanced Shanghai dragon theory and practice, go to training classes, Hu Shanghai dragon new thinking direction slowly, more and more workers will be Shanghai dragon still, that is Shanghai dragon ranking, ranking it has everything. One of the main causes of confusion important which we do.

five, every sentence is the most related issues, is also the most annoying problem. Today, I randomly selected four questions which to talk about what is Shanghai dragon? We do this line really just for money? Love from Shanghai green dream method recently, we know what the problem?

Hello, I am happy, at the forum and do some of the Shanghai dragon personnel discussed this topic, summarizes the following questions: do Shanghai Longfeng for what? This few years, we are really in Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng? We doubt that our way is wrong? It is interested in doing a few Webmaster Station? Why not we do business class website Shanghai dragon

I took my love, I am active in 2011 to join the Shanghai Phoenix this great industry, at that time, Shanghai love have not been so nonsense, good times but is also head of the end of that time I naively think that writing is the Shanghai dragon hair of the chain, the chain, write original the results, in the end, one did not learn, the chain’s hair is not as horsetail, very messy, but this ranking is very good, I don’t know why. One reason for this is the most confused. This allows us to ponder, we do Shanghai dragon

a website, the equivalent of a home, but now so many home decoration, but also is not good, really good home decoration, but in the 100 away, which shows what the problem is, I do not say that we should be able to think of, the row in front of the station is. Relying on advertising to maintain, that day because the algorithm updates, the station was drop right, these owners changed the name to station, or left the industry to find can make money. This is also the main reason why we lost most of the webmaster, do a website.

third, we have a few stationmaster is interested in doing the station.

? for what? for what?

second, the past few years, we are really in Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon

first, we do Shanghai dragon

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