Discussion do Shanghai dragon, do not blindly believe anyone

September 7, 2017

‘s own experience is not necessarily right, other people experience more chances, perhaps his own wishful thinking of the conjecture, Shanghai dragon industry big talk of "God" too much, many more smatter. Sometimes when you ask a question to each other, they do not know the answer is clearly no relevant experience, because embarrassed "don’t know", it is possible to intentionally or unintentionally false, believe that as long as do Shanghai dragon and they have the ability to identify some friends have encountered such a situation. There may be other experience, do you understand to tell you, but their experience may be suitable for previously but not for now, and different types of web solutions are not the same, with the same method may be completely different results. So for others to learn from the experience of identification, should also be solutions of others and test strategy, rather than blindly believe. < >

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] to Shanghai dragon in the industry, we are constantly learning, slowly find themselves have not clear who is right, who is wrong. Often some of the masters will give us the analysis of their heart, will blindly believe in them, so the girl to share a mind, please do not blindly believe anyone.

has more experience in Shanghai dragon is right, but also to change to the search engine algorithm change. So don’t believe that any person, including the official search engines, including their own. At the same time to update their own reserves of knowledge and experience, to prevent the outdated knowledge and experience to make a big mistake.

Shanghai dragon is a rely on search engine ranking rules of survival occupation. The search engine algorithm is constantly changing, may every day on-line small numerous fine-tuning ranking algorithm. Because it often changes, cause more important for Shanghai Longfeng workers "experience" occasionally will become drawbacks. Because most of the knowledge is the Shanghai dragon predecessors test, so some may experience is not suitable for the current search engine ranking rules. For example, once a very effective keywords label stack keywords, the search engine has already been discarded. As shown in figure 14-6, love Shanghai search engine engineer LEE in August 10, 2012 in Shanghai forum to make a clear response. But after the test, when you fill out the keywords string of any other websites are not completely out of the match, will see keywords had a little effect, of course, has no effect.

LEE Mata keywords

there are many Shanghai Longfeng predecessors are mentioned, "Shanghai dragon do not fully believe that the search engine" because the search engine may be for their position, don’t want people to cheat, and give you some symbolic guide. In fact, this sentence can change to "Shanghai dragon, don’t trust someone, including you".

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