Write original very tired, are you willing to adhere to

September 6, 2017

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to do occupation occupation writer, wrote the original webmaster is inescapable, search engines love fresh content users eager to get the latest news, these are not reproduced can do. So long as the occupation and articles relevant to you, then do the involvement of psychological preparation. Even webmaster to write an article and delete, wrote and often engage in to 3,4 at night to sleep, this is not the way, this friendship to remind you that the body is important, more important, we must first take good care of yourself.

above the network now whether it is micro-blog, blogs, websites, forums, media and so on are not missing a thing, is the content. However, the best content is the original content, the importance of the process and, in the webmaster forum can often see some advertising, write articles, also more and more aware of the importance of. I is a long-term writer, but also a friend asked me to write tired? I can tell you very tired.

wrote the original

will get a blog to share with you, every article to some help for some people to watch my blog, slowly the concern of many people also have a lot of friends, these friends some of them and I started working, there are also some people and I exchange and discussion. This in my eyes is a kind of resource, write each article is an advertisement for yourself, do a self promotion, the large amount of publicity after it had become a brand.

original content of others is not written a strange name, write out, completely by their own creation is called the original article, original content is only part of the same code, if the code words then I think anyone can easily do it, if you want to keep writing original content will be written to with your own thoughts, constantly thinking of new content, so tired needless to say.

an article by other people.

Every article I write why write original very tired? for what?

someone asked me, you are so tired for what? I started to my own website, then gradually become their own interest, although tired, but happiness within. If I say that not many people are willing to believe, but this is a matter of fact, I do not know if you heard the rule of 1%, one in 10 people in the creation, sharing, 89 people watching, when you begin to learn to write original, creating content, you are 1% of the population.

I write articles are generally original content, even false original not, every piece of content is hard to write, so stick with it maybe a short time not what problem, but at a later stage, a few months or even years after 1,2 became more and more difficult. The written contents do not want to write. So just keep writing, constantly learning new content of other people to supplement their own brains, but also organize pictures, tables etc..

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