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September 6, 2017

has a lot of people will often have a misunderstanding, think your site just built immediately to change Links, but my own view is that if you don’t have connections or get the best words to your site internal optimization to do the site after the stable to exchange links with others, because the one that has not been included in the new station to exchange Links with others would only invite others to sit on the sidelines, who will not have a collection of new sites without any interest, because your website is not able to bring him what help, also don’t know your site will not go to the development of good. So before we exchange Links first to make their sites to stabilize to exchange with others, this time you don’t easier to exchange links People are also willing to exchange with you. At the same time when the problem is not the exchange Links on their website, before you meet a person to exchange Links with me, the results of an investigation found that his site has been in love with altitude is K hair, what are not, such a situation if anyone told him that is not for yourself in trouble well, so we need to do a good job to consider the problem of exchange Links own website.


Links for our website is very helpful, but everything is two-sided, Links is also a double-edged sword, good Links can make your website ranking steadily, not good Links could have a negative impact on your net station. Once a friend asked me that his site was very stable, very good every day in the update, determined without the use of any cheating means to operate, but was in love with the sea K only home page snapshot file, do not know what is the reason for this result. I found him through the exchange of Links five station two had been K off, you said that such a situation can not affect your website? So we should pay attention to many problems when exchange Links, first of all we want to see each other website is normal, including website the snapshot, included, and whether it is to do the illegal websites and so on, another is to see is to see the other website links are derived.

on this topic Links there should be a lot of people are talking about, before the knife wood water didn’t do this blog wrote about Links article, that time also talked about some questions about Links and we need to pay attention to the problem. It is undeniable Links website external links is very important one link, often a good Links the effect may be more than you to send dozens of the chain are obvious, so the knife wood water here again to say something about my own Links.


what time to change Links

Links how assessment?Although

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