Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon we need to do what others don’t want to do.

September 6, 2017

for a professional for Shanghai Longfeng we have excellent quality, in fact, do Shanghai dragon sometimes really do not care about how well we really don’t care, you really do have more cattle, don’t care if we are to study the system of the Shanghai dragon, do not care about who we are the favourite pupil. These are the surface of effort, we have to do is to do their own thing, more time to do more thinking, people do not want to do.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon for our everyday experience too much, sometimes a word, sometimes even a small action, sometimes a little changes in the ranking, sometimes a simple collection, can let us sadness million, also can let us happy. In fact, many people will ask me such problems, I have time will answer, but many people are still not satisfied with this, that I do not have a good answer, I was Speechless. There are a lot of newcomers have such a misunderstanding for many of our old webmaster, that old webmaster is very proud of that, do not want to explain some problems for the novice webmaster, it is not, we are all in such a circle, need some more or less friends, we can not completely alone, if we have time will help you solve some problems, make some friends, after all, we are from the new Adsense stage here, we also know the difficulties we can certainly help help, but others do not have the duty to help you, your precious time, everyone’s time is very valuable. Anyway, I will continue to do what I should have insisted on this question, I will answer every question I know well, so a lot of people don’t want to do something. This is my today and tell you a point: we need to Shanghai, people do not want to do.


many people are a little tired, things are not willing to do, or do a try, I also understand, as I started to do the chain is the chain blog more, the effect of a step by step effect, although a little slow, it is very difficult to do however, persistent. Later I was in contact with the soft, slowly put the chain blog lost, found outside the chain of soft Wen is very awesome, but a single soft outside the chain cannot achieve a website, so now I began to catch a dragon in Shanghai most tired: the chain blog, blog recently prepared to try how long can do a website chain. The chain blog are tired is not his difficult to operate, and is difficult to collect a lot of people, not actively go to a blog, but negative to see it as a task to complete, so every day we do will be very tired. Give everyone a word here, if you feel good you just listen to, think you can ignore the fallacy: when we do the Shanghai dragon, when using a method very tired, that is when we are in progress, is also likely to get us into.

1, the chain to do the most tired thing

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