Why would appear included time of search results

September 6, 2017

in addition to some cases described above, in the ordinary way station, there is a class of the content of the web site in the search results will appear in the search time is also occasionally. Careful friends may find that Google search engine is the most easy to add time to the search results, then we can from Google the most frequent search start analysis.

Through the above

then in the description tag shown above the time since it is not included in the time, so what time? Let us first look at a web site:

this is a friend of the site, belonging to the general business station type, not only do the promotion, is updated every day a few articles in the station. However, we often hear people say that the search results as long as there is time, so that you are the site of the search engine more trust, and will give a certain weight. Instead, my friend was the site of the weight is not very high, so this example in some extent broke that high weight website will appear only a matter of time.

when I recently worked on a site, because the content of the website, so think of the first few.

. So why is

the special part of the red mark, we are not already seen some clues? After collection of several sites recently operational analysis, the content of time generally appear in the search results, basically all is containing "on line", "notice" and "complete" "report", "notice" and so on the contents of the notice contain words. As we know, these contents have a certain influence, at least able to generate value for our website users, highly readable. For example, a notice is a website to specify what happens in a certain period of time, with a certain amount of time, so the search engine will not give time in search results.

on the search results page, we will occasionally there will be a time found in the description below the title tag, we usually think of this time is to search engine included the time of this page, in fact, the author and several friends after the discovery, the search results appear in time is not included time.


search engine to special care of this kind of article? The reason is very simple, we do Shanghai Longfeng are clear, the search engine has been advocated in our webmaster update web content to users must do some valuable articles, if only to do some of the low quality of the pseudo original words to search the engine, so is the search engine cheating. And on the "notice" a kind of article, since it is just notice, certainly a kind of audience, so this article is certainly valuable to users. Since the content of user value, so the search engine will naturally with special respect to these articles.

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