Matt Cutts once again explain the distinction and underline URL address in dash

September 5, 2017

then the webmaster what good? If you are creating a new web site, there is an important key word about this page in a URL address, so each word between the best with dashes instead of underline segmentation. But if your website has used the underscore, then you don’t have to change a dash, it will make Bing and noble baby reindexed, The loss outweighs the gain.

Bing from the start to the same symbol as dashes and underscores the view, always does not have any impact on the ranking.

in August 2007, said the nobility baby said they would divide the dash and the underlined word URL address in the word as an independent view, but after a week and added that they still modify the algorithm, in the algorithm modified before breaking numbers on both sides of the word are treated as separate words look, and underline on both sides of the word will be connected into a words.

Before the In today’s

Matt Cutts video lecture today again, although the topic has been a hot spot in Shanghai but is a commonplace talk of an old scholar dragon circles: the difference between URL address and dash underlined.

video, Matt Cutts says they haven’t changed the algorithm (why eat?), may never modify the bad. But the owners do not have to worry, because even if the baby will be treated separately and underline the noble dash, but they have very little influence of the ranking, not to have too much influence ranking, because they are one of the decisive factors are secondary.

continues to watch Matt Cutts video tutorial:

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