7 days no reason to return the controversy over the scope of exemption business expansion in doubt

February 28, 2017

because of the lack of rules, the new "law" "seven days no reason to return to implement 5 months, caused a lot of controversy and consumer complaints. Recently, the reporter reflect many consumers, some of the electricity supplier under the pretext of "special goods" does not apply to any expansion of no reason to return merchandise range, some of this should not be excluded from the no reason to return goods excluded.

consumers: dissatisfaction with special merchandise was rejected

days ago, he named a consumer to buy a bottle of sunscreen on a commercial website, found that the SPF value is not high, it is proposed return requirements. But the site has refused to return, claiming to have prior statement: "beauty / personal care products for special goods do not participate in the no reason to return." She questioned: he did not unpacking to use, but there are other sites that allow electricity providers to return.

returns like this more and more controversial, because the businesses and consumers appear larger dispute in the applicable commodity. Reporters saw, in support of no reason to return the 21 home appliance business, there are 9 home appliance manufacturers will be identified as a special cosmetics cosmetics, and on this grounds, will be excluded from the protection of cosmetics in the seven days no reason to return.

The reporter saw

, Gome online (self-employed), Jingdong mall and other electricity providers clearly defined in terms of its format, "according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, a care cosmetics products are a special commodity, does not support no reason to return (or sold by the non quality problems will not return)", the reason is given "for the safety and health considerations".

however, the new "law" has no clear provisions, the provisions of article twenty-fifth, in addition to consumer custom, perishable, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products, as well as the delivery of newspapers, periodicals and other 4 kinds of goods does not apply to 7 days no reason to return, but also provides the other according to the nature of the goods and recognized by consumers should not return the purchase of goods, does not apply no reason to return."

question: whether the electricity supplier to expand the scope of exemption of goods suspected


, IT legal expert Zhao Zhanling that, in addition to 4 kinds of provisions, the applicable commodity also provides a fallback provision, for example according to the nature of the product should not be returned, how to understand, easy to produce disputes in practice, if there is no supporting regulations detailed in execution will produce a large number of disputes.

in addition to the "special goods", part of the electricity supplier for some clearance merchandise does not support seven days no reason to return. For example, the Jingdong store provides, "because of the shelf life of the goods or to have all activities including loss of clearance of goods packaging, not to return; also stipulates that" activity rules have been expressly does not support special goods no reason to return service for defects and unsalable goods clearance special offer sales".

therefore, some consumers question: these clearance merchandise also is commodity, why would it be excluded from the scope of seven days no reason to return to the legal basis? "

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