The good website included rankings will not fall

September 4, 2017

as the saying goes, the revision change well, not included rankings! But most people will lead to a revision of the website website drop right, included, ranking dropped off, and for a long time, do not trust this could easily lead to the company, thus leaving our Shanghai dragon. While some of the more skilled revision of Shanghai dragon Er, can be effective to minimize the impact, the revision time down to the shortest, here I will tell you how the revision on the website of the minimum damage:


URL rules do not necessarily apply to all pages, there must be so we must do a fish escaped through the Seine, 404 pages, to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain submitted text, try to make the chain does not affect the process of our website revision.

garbage domain


was included in the two level domain garbage removal, two methods, one is analytical, return to 404 code to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to delete, another is to resolve them, put the robots.txt file in the root directory, forbidden love Shanghai crawling in the file, and delete. Especially with the pan pan through parsing, parse a lot of garbage > two

revision 301 jump, of course you have to consider your site URL rules, finishing a good home page, column page, the article page, navigation, navigation and other revision rules, then the original page according to the rules of URL, do 301 jump to the corresponding page, let love Shanghai new page recognition as soon as possible is the original page.

home page title is generally not active, most likely to lead to the site to drop right, have to carefully tune.

love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit revised rules, the most important is the rules of URL, the new URL must correspond to, otherwise it is very difficult to judge the love of Shanghai, so the audit time may be long.

home page title

URL submitted to the


The first step is to do the

301 jump


404 page

URL is a sign of love Shanghai page, like home address, URL, love Shanghai will put the original URL to delete, re-examine the new URL, in this process, the collected before mass may not open, causing the site to drop right, so as not to have to. It is not recommended to change the URL. If you need to change the URL, then the URL rules as much as possible and the same as before, URL rules are not the same, so, your existing site URL and it will be very difficult to love before, Shanghai in the revision of rules is very difficult to write, do 301 jump too much, which leads to the original page collection and are difficult to row recovery, drop right is unavoidable.

website notes

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