Shanghai Longfeng job interview planning from the small shrimp to the head transformation technique

September 4, 2017

The original

different positions have different requirements, will also have different treatment, so as to Shanghai dragon gorgeous incarnations, become Shanghai dragon head, first you have to understand the difference between Shanghai and Shanghai in charge of the Commissioner of dragon dragon. Shanghai dragon head not only to Shanghai Dragon technology, but also with the team. Because Shanghai Longfeng supervisor ability is different with the Shanghai dragon specialist. Shanghai Longfeng executive training communication skills, not only to better allocation of work, but also for the novice to provide the necessary for Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon skills training. Shanghai dragon also need leadership, to lead the staff, how to make the whole team to complete the whole Shanghai dragon project, how to ensure a team performance.

communication to exchange the necessary conversation, interview, and the boss and head of staff don’t you understand, so the bridge to answer.

the first step is to do the planning, you walk the road of individual owners, or for business services. Then is to decide the reason to make unremitting efforts.

first, Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner and Shanghai Longfeng supervisor skill requirements


general, Shanghai Longfeng specialist recruitment requirements are relatively low, requires a basic knowledge of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon basic skills in English and some code requirements etc.. Shanghai dragon head, he must have multiple sites of successful cases, or large and medium-sized website success stories.

5, website statistics, to adjust the direction according to the data of

therefore, to prepare for the interview in charge of Shanghai Longfeng friends, on the one hand to enrich their professional knowledge, but also have to get out of the Shanghai dragon case, and experience with the team are a plus.

Shanghai Longfeng not start, also need to work hard, to adhere to the original, white hat, is the right way of Shanghai dragon.

address from Shanghai Phoenix.

for Shanghai dragon job recommendation

so do Shanghai dragon must be prepared, no matter you are outside the chain of small or specialist skills and job hopping to Shanghai dragon head, occupation development and upgrade planning is very important to do better next time.

4, the analysis judgment ability, diagnosis website, points out the deficiency of

the second interview with the Commissioner of the Shanghai dragon head interview answer skills

3, rich experience and successful cases of


of Shanghai Longfeng executives need the skills and capabilities of

2, leadership, team management ability, bring the whole team

Shanghai Longfeng low threshold, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, for Shanghai Longfeng job-hunting competition is more.

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