Some applications about web site was inspired K to me

September 4, 2017

? ? For example:

贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/Html/ 984.html

is usually the case, because of loopholes site procedures, or as a result of being hacked.

This letter is issued by the

dear XXXXXX, Hello!

1, please check the full security of your site immediately, to avoid greater losses;

贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/Html/ 985.html

I am now a full-time webmaster, just do full-time has not included the full moon, I see as in the past on the site on the morning of February 26th and ranking, I think this is the first thing to do every day, every webmaster. That day I suddenly found a website I love Shanghai is rather baffling to delete, for me it is a bolt from the blue, to tell the truth I for the station has been very careful to take care of me, the station has never changed Links and others, and the site program is a pure HTML source program just to update the website conveniently, adding an old Y article publishing system, the old Y program we all know is ASP, so that my station is combined with a version of HTML and asp. For the site every day I will update the original content, and regularly increase the outreach, is this my keyword ranking is very good, even some key words in the first home, but in Shanghai love to delete the site a few days ago, there has been no abnormal phenomenon, what, I wonder why Shanghai will delete my love web site. Forgot to say my station is a Taobao off site, although the love for Shanghai Taobao guest website very objectionable, but my station is not API program, are carefully selected to do it.

2, please delete, clean is implanted malicious content, lest site so search engine punishment;

when I was in this very helpless, I looked at my mailbox, which turned out to have a love for Shanghai sent a message, then I thought it was junk, but a look at the sender and I believe. The content of the message is about this

3, if necessary, please contact the relevant legal department to maintain your rights.

We recommend that you:

love Shanghai search engine to detect your registered website www.***贵族宝贝 some garbage / malware / abnormal content.

automatic baidu贵族宝贝 system, not to receive a reply, please do not reply. When I see this mail I wonder these days is normal site found no invasion of the suspect, and I love Shanghai according to the later links into the prompt, carefully examined the contents of several links, then I found the connection is normal, but in the successful in >

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