Shanghai dragon in the construction of new thinking to optimize the chain sprocket

September 4, 2017


mentioned the Shanghai dragon chain construction, generally refers to the construction of the external links of sprocket. The construction of external link sprocket is one way to improve very good website weight: to optimize the A site, B web site a link to the C site, C web site a link to the D website, a link to D website link to the B website, so as to form a chain, then link to the A website; and then do the same chain, are connected to the A website. So the search engine for the weight of the website promotion will be very rapid.

is the 10 in a few days ago, he just made a small site, this site and I have some different sites. The site is a single page, and then attached to a wordpress blog program, the use of blog updates the original or false original content. This station, different place is optimized as much as possible to maximize each long tail keywords, is in fact for every single long tail keywords do a website, the purpose is to optimize each long tail keywords, in order to achieve the purpose of optimization.


a site, whether large or small, to optimize the construction must be internal and external link. Especially for a new, original or false original content, external links and internal links is obvious to people about the importance of Shanghai Longfeng. When I learn the video tutorial, mentioned the site of internal links, are some of the more simple way: basically is in the content keyword when do the link can be, this is one reason why Shanghai dragon WHY record of long tail keywords is very popular in Shanghai dragon industry..

tutorial the webmaster mentioned the construction of Shanghai Longfeng chain sprocket, plus the search engine spiders caught saying, remind me, my mind also grew up to do Shanghai dragon sprocket ideas of the construction of internal links. The idea to practice it, he began to use the construction method of "chain station every optimization long tail keywords them all together. Soon the chain sprocket construction method has played a significant effect: I had only included the 8 pages of the station, overnight 59 "is a collection of 57. Moreover, the heat is not very high long tail keywords have good ranking.

for each long tail keywords do a website is very simple, will be soon, but in the "tail of the empty space really feel how beautiful. Therefore。 Constantly thinking about how to make this place for reasonable use of off. It is because of a video, there is a station in the construction method mentioned in the chain of Shanghai Dragon said: there is a very cattle station, within the chain to do it very well, after the search engine until it reaches the site have been caught, never run out, very powerful. It is this word to remind me, how can the construction of the chain construction into a trap in the chain network search engine spider

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