The seven cause of the site right down.

September 3, 2017

five, outbound links have been implicated; reasons for this drop right mainly in the Links, when the other link exchange site is down right and linked to their own, so in the daily inspection, we need to check the chain to the other sites, what is wrong with the smell immediately contact each other and temporarily down the other link.

The chain of

seven, the number of the chain.

Optimization of

six, waste too much; spam links mainly in batch use software to link the mass, buy black chain and so on cheating.

three, the site may be excessive; optimization over the beginning will make many mistakes in them will only optimize the novice, is your site optimization counterproductive! Excessive site optimization problem mainly in the title, the description tag placed too many keywords, the chain of garbage volume surge, content keyword density is too large and so on.

The content of

four: the site of the large-scale revision lead to fall right; the site is one of each optimization taboo, because as long as a revision of previous efforts may be cast to the wind. If during the revision of the slightest mistake, it is back to the night before liberation. If the new version is another theme, plate changes the original path content did not change, even if the right down, the problem is not serious, the optimization phase can be recovered. If the revision, such as the site of the program changes, changes in the URL link, then the site right down is more serious. URL once the change will lead to the site appears dead links, then we should do 301 redirection, 404 error pages, robots shielding to reduce the impact on the site.


, a server; if your site space is often not open, open very slowly or some web pages can be opened, some can not open (where you need to conduct a thorough analysis on the site of the IIS log. View the search engine spider crawling in whether appear at the beginning of the 5 status code)

two, garbage site too much; if the content of your site is a reprint, collection, pseudo original and site theme irrelevant content, then your site is down right will be not at all surprising.

The stability of

down the right site is a lot of optimization personnel will encounter problems when we analysis to our site may be down right after. First of all we need to do is hold, then the observation and analysis of the specific situation. We need to analyze the reasons of the right to be reduced, but not styled, everywhere to the forum. Ask why is right down the QQ group. This is not what effect, saying their own also only their most clearly. We need to know which factors may lead to the site right down, and then through the rectification of three or four weeks to save our site. Then the author will sum up the seven lead us to the site is down right.

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