Use the nofollow tag to site optimization to the extreme

September 3, 2017

look at the analysis of a large site, from their web page layout, inside the chain and head information of imitation, there will be unexpected gains.

nofollow believe that they all know that this label is prohibited, tag search engine spiders crawling, but few people used to have, or do not know where and where not to add the. Today I take the 19 floor as an example, to tell you about the specific location using nofollow.

Motohara Fumiaki from the reported House Community: 贵族宝贝xianbao5贵族宝贝 please keep the link

Posts page basically is only the top part of the post navigation and link all the other as long as to see all the links with nofollow, of course, the content page links or reservations, very clever, only to climb the spider can be a place.

card list page is basic in addition to post list outside of the link (including the page number, user name, classification) basically all with nofollow, this is to tell the spider only through the post title into the content of the post of grab, this purpose is very obvious, to reduce the repeated weight loss reduced spider crawling.

this article wrote here, in general, nofollow is a double-edged sword, with a good optimization effect will be very obvious, with the bad effects included it could hinder the spiders to crawl.

19, as we all know, a very popular high local portal forum, but also by the search engine’s love, which is inseparable with the station optimization of it, today I made a careful study of the station outside the station, a large number of links and internal links are reasonable with the nofollow label, particularly high as the flow stations do not only focus on the weight, but also greatly reduce the spider crawling caused when the server resource consumption, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

first said that its home page, home page is the total weight of the highest page, it Links in addition to all the outside chain are added to the nofollow label, the same also internal links with more than two links were added to nofollow, which is very worthy of reference, the effect is very obvious, in my own the same is the forum site on the use of this method after the forum ranking rose a lot.

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