The reason that the new station on the line is down right and solving method

September 3, 2017

2, included: the new line will generally be the first home page, the content is generally not included what rules, but if one to two weeks, or a content page will not be closed, there would be a problem.

> 4.

station is right downThe main reason why

how to solve the problem of

1, the snapshot – page snapshot to determine if the new general is normal, the difference in the small update page snapshot of weekly changes once a week, if not change, we should be careful observation is not a problem, if several weeks did not change, that can be sure of is a problem the.

2, if it is according to the frequent changes, the only way is to determine a final version, insist on the chain + content, strive to obtain the trust.

railway station, just on the line is right down this situation is not, but also a few, especially the personal site is down right is more common, according to the survey by friends, basically everyone more or less they encountered such a problem. Facing the new station just on the line is down the right search engine to deal with the reality that the webmaster should be how to do

search engine?

first: how to judge the new site is down right

1, if the server problem is relatively simple, or find the space to solve, or change the server.

website a little difficult to judge than the old site is down right, because the new line had the weight is not high, how can we get through our website to determine some traces of the special treatment by the

3, if the garbage chain according to the solution, I think is to temporarily stop the chain release, replaced by the high quality of the chain to replace the high number of chain.

railway station is right down there: server stability (which is the main reason for many personal web site is down right), after the online was collected after doing a lot of whether frequent adjustment, whether can website spread a large a lot of garbage outside the chain, website content is repeated too much. I know that the reason, then solve it much easier.

The new ?

3, site and domain site+. To determine whether a site is down right or valuable, if not in the first home page, it can be judged the site has been down the right, based on how much is down, can through the home page in the first few rows to speculate on whether a domain+ web site; whether the site is down right, the Internet has been controversial, some people don’t need to see this, some people have attached great importance to this, the author thinks that domain+ web search results is very important, especially in the site+. The search results page is not the first time, you can through the domain+ web search results confirm whether the site is down right, how serious is down.

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