Alipay WeChat O2O competition in service

February 28, 2017

        although a red war has cooled, but the proportion of the huge user base of WeChat and Alipay, the competition continues. Where there is demand where there is opportunity, this time they are aiming at the demand and the use of high frequency of convenience services. WeChat launched the "smart city", Alipay is ready to join the "city life", the two began to explore areas of contention and convenient service.


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reports, the so-called city life service or service for all areas of government, health care, transportation and other people’s lives and the inquiry, handling and other services, while WeChat and Alipay wallet service city smart city do is these different services together in a mobile platform.

It is reported that

, the ant payment service earlier this month announced the day before in the mobile terminal Alipay wallet, mobile phone and Taobao home will jointly launched the city service. At present, Alipay city service function has been in the Hangzhou area Alipay wallet on the line at the beginning of April, Shanghai, Guangzhou, to Shenzhen, Ningbo, Suzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing and other 9 city officially released, is expected in April the country will have 30 city opened the entrance. Liu Xiaojie, deputy general manager of the great customer service division, said their goal is to open the city to reach 50 by the end of this year.

on the line in Hangzhou City, Alipay wallet service includes vehicle, illegal immigration, bus inquiry, driving license, vehicle information, small passenger car Yaohao, payment of life, and all these aspects of road clinic registration.

on the other hand, the wisdom of the city of WeChat that started in Guangzhou in 3 months time, Shenzhen, Foshan, Wuhan and Zhengzhou were settled, is still spreading to national each big city. According to WeChat official statistics, WeChat smart city has accumulated more than 9 million people to provide services.

it is worth noting that WeChat is currently in Guangzhou on the wisdom of the city, in addition to Alipay wallet containing city services, including Hong Kong and Macao endorsements, identity card business booking, recruitment inquiries and other functions. In fact, according to different cities, the two services provided are also different, while the two sides are also trying to quickly layout more cities.

has its own advantages

, WeChat and Alipay to establish their effect of the advantages of mobile terminal platform convenient service for users based on the obvious effect, thanks to its platform simplifies work processes, the integration of the disorderly dispersed service. However, it seems that people have to go to the two platforms do contrast.

in fact, WeChat and Alipay two mobile end user focused platform competing story is very long, in the field of O2O services more than once. As early as last May on-line service window open platform, Alipay wallet has already begun on the WeChat bar. WeChat launched the "service", Alipay launched the "service window"; "the wisdom of WeChat on-line store >

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