Why my site to do a 301 redirect of no use to love Shanghai

September 3, 2017

After the

to find the crux of the problem, the rest is correct, how to correct? First, I put another two points to this website to delete the site, but also the space change to now the second; those caused by repetitive content URL 404; the "the domain name xxxx贵族宝贝" 301 redirect to "www.xxxxu贵族宝贝" on this domain. This website contains more gradually up, included only regret is that love Shanghai still contains "xhqitu贵族宝贝" domain name, this makes me very confusing, I have a 301 redirect to "www.xhqitu贵族宝贝" on this domain, Shanghai did not seem to love.

this time after a long time, love Shanghai weight and Google PR has been unable to go, and love Shanghai included have been not ideal, so I began to reflect on why? Every time in the future to update the site optimization of the article, I will carefully read and put some friction, article about the content of the website can not have too much repetition, either with or with the station outside the station, it will affect the whole site included and weight. After reading this article, feel that their website is wrong, I used four domain name points to a web site for search engines are four different sites, so the result is that four of the same content sites, here it is difficult to blame me why website weight and website have been on the go, and in the process of web server also appeared several times, once out of my site binding domain to others’ web directory up, later changed, resulting in a large number of duplicate content to my website (is different URL point to the same page and home page) and 404 pages, this is the website space service business even "feel shy" like it did not say that, alas, is really Speechless.

on my website "Xiao Han Kai when transit network" on-line on the use of "www.xxxx贵族宝贝" and "xxxx贵族宝贝" the two domain name pointing to the station now, not only that I also used the two domain names also are pointing at this site I now, what is my name here is not to mention, that is to say a total of four domains pointing to this website, I am silly, now think of that time really silly, not silly, ha ha, who let me at that time to site optimization and Shanghai Longfeng utterly ignorant of it, here is necessary to explain this, I the programmer is born, before this site has not contacted the website optimization work, just heard, but never to serious learning, can be said that I made many new Adsense committed I think wrong, as long as the site is put up, and every day to keep updated a few articles occasionally write a few original article, such a long time, the website included, love Shanghai weights and Google PR will go up.

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