Write the title of the article to improve website traffic is difficult

September 3, 2017

now I write on the Internet this paper mainly adopts third kinds of writing, and focus on the search optimization, here is mainly discusses to search engine optimization article title. To search engine optimization article title is not only conducive to the keywords of the article ranking, also conducive to the whole web page keyword rankings.

the title text has a large proportion on the page search ranking, the title of the article is illuminated. If the content of the article is a vault, then, the title of the article is to open the vault key. Into the search optimization concept, the title of the article written for me can be divided into three categories, one is to search rankings, to improve website traffic and write; another is for the user to use the title to attract users to browse the web content, without considering the factor of search optimization; third the class is not only conducive to search engine optimization, and to attract users to browse.

written title can achieve a multiplier effect, but if you want to get good rankings also from many aspects, through the chain to enhance the site weight, only to enhance the website weight and keywords to the long tail of the article page to get a better ranking. If man is the same content acquisition dedecms acquisition, plug-in on the collected content through the pseudo original and Shanghai dragon, can do within the chain, a new snapshot, included, the effect of plug-in play out, if want to enhance the flow better, will be appropriate to add some outside chain to improve the overall weight of the site so, the effect will be better. Collection man play.

to write the title so important, write a two title may not feel out what difference, but if every time an article intends to consider the search optimization factor, to enhance the flow of your site are difficult. The first dream weaving administrator: 贵族宝贝dedeadmin贵族宝贝 please indicate the source.

in quasi title before, you have to consider writing this article is for what users see, if you want to search the content as a user, you will search what keywords, to find these articles, you try to contain the keywords in the title. At the same time, we also have to consider and intends to have the title of the others repeat, if there has been repeated, try to change the other title. The text caption contains keywords, or are of great help to improve the search rankings.

like dream weaving administrator of the home, every article I try to include DedeCms, which drive these keywords, one is to let the user know this article is for you CMS to write, but also to enhance the keywords of the article ranking, two can also be very good for key word distribution in the home locations when the search engine spiders to crawl, naturally think dream weaving administrator of the home is a dedicated dedecms CMS related content, but also more professional, can give a better ranking.

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