Title Optimization of how to choose keywords

August 30, 2017

do you want to form excel after the analysis of Taobao index these fine words and your core word combinations, such as CXCEL table data of fine analysis after your lace skirt, slim, solid color, fabric………… So, this time you can be combined into a lace dress, slim dress, pure wool dress, dress and so on this combination of 11 to Taobao index analysis.

select key is not blind to mining, first of all you need for your product review. To make your products fine analysis. For example, you are selling skirts, first you have to pull your skirt for meticulous analysis, is your skirt, or a skirt, or dress? Is your bag hip or slim or large size? Your lace or cotton or what?………… So, when you find the keywords must first do a excel table.

when the search index and turnover index are more satisfied with the word, you let him stay, if the search index and the turnover index is not very satisfactory else. So after the screening, you have to start digging the words, how to dig? Do not need software, also do not need tools. Don’t need too much, as long as you put your words just left to go to Taobao search and then put the word in the drop-down box and relevant search words copied on the line.

keyword selection, can be said to be simple and complex, is both complex and simple. This is a foundation of Taobao, probably a lot of people in some forums or Taobao University and other relevant local heard a lot about how to find the key word method. There are a lot of people even have a word for word dig N related tools and software. In fact, the title for Taobao optimization, is not necessary so complicated. Don’t make a simple method to get complicated, many people dig a large number of words with a variety of software, but in the end did not know exactly what this is, if you use a variety of software mining words, so I want to say, pro, you think the problem is too complicated. This is simply not necessary.

indeed, many people are so easy, simple to complicate the problem, but it is no way to simplify complex issues. This is most people encounter problems, finally grew more and more complex, never being able to jump out of the circle, always have no way to break the bottleneck of the final. Break the bottleneck is getting tangled, bigger and feel hard, finally even the least confidence lost. In fact, like the choice of Taobao keyword is beauty covered with a veil, as long as you uncover what all understand. What is the Xifeng or beauty or Lolita, as long as there is little people to guide you, open to you look at you crystal clear.

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this time analysis is what, this time analysis does not need to be too careful, as long as you look at his search index and search trends, and future trends of transaction turnover index has been on the line.

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