Easy to be ignored webmaster active access user data

August 28, 2017

2, the absolute amount of active users is also very important, can be used to compare with their active users to access an increasingly large proportion, is one of the important arguments for the healthy development of the website that.

which active access user data is more important

What is the active user access

1, on active access to user needs, tailored for the site content.

For example:

1, need to answer, we need to solve the problem, naturally think of a website user

1, active access users accounted for the most important, can be used to compare with other websites, active access users accounted for more in the search engine ranking PK maximum odds.

actively visit important

user data to the search engine We all know that

2, to share, to barely talk, want to immediately log on to a forum user

A and B two sites, assuming October 1, 2013 active access users accounted for less, and today, A station active users accounted for 30%, while the absolute flow station B more than A, but active users accounted for only 10%, the search engine may find A value high.

2, active access user data can help correct understanding of a site search engine.

active user access can also be called loyal users, the user’s own search engine, through various channels and means of active users of the website localization. Active users including but not limited to:

3, something in a web site to the user

A5 station network marketing team in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon diagnosis to the customer (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) it also suggested they do these three points. Anyway, we think that active access users can access to a lot of unexpected information, so it did not take the initiative to access the user’s webmaster to do some recommendations as soon as possible.

Initiative (or how not to hurt the active user access)

1, the search engine in the rating of the site will take into account the active access user data

How to attract users to access the

search engines love original content high proportion of the site, to stand outside a high degree of duplication of website cautious wait-and-see attitude. Some sites do not have original ability, but you can edit the information on the network to a theme bigger whole, and a large number of HOLD target users, active users can access up to a certain proportion. For non original sites such that the search engine will also with special respect.

: all kinds of theme site (such as health, education etc.) often have information channels, pay attention to active access to the user’s site will generally place the news; do not attach importance to the initiative.

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