About love in Shanghai can distinguish between the original and pseudo original analysis

August 28, 2017

why is this? Is all the same content, love why Shanghai will be included? Don’t fall in love with the sea really can not distinguish between the original and pseudo original. So I also analyzed the A5 network in 2005 2006, when the journal article, found in Shanghai are not included in a love, some even up to dozens of repeated articles, to say love is not hard enough before Shanghai technology can be understood, but now love Shanghai has brought together the elite national computer case, say Technology however, basically impossible, so the author make a bold guess: love Shanghai to encourage outstanding works reproduced

see here, you may be more confusing: Shanghai is not love has been to encourage the original, but also has been severely hit pseudo original acquisition and

Here the author took

you may be very confused, how about the original and pseudo original, reproduced suddenly went up. Yes, love Shanghai to collect and pseudo original identification in order to reprint, love Shanghai does not encourage acquisition and pseudo original, but to encourage outstanding original article reprint, but still able to capture and pseudo original articles included.

in August 14th, I wrote an article: love Shanghai stressed that the search experience is no background no small station technology prospect. In the A5 portal search section, from today, four days have passed, I in the online search, the results came out, be startled at: direct copy and pseudo original less than ten, but also are included, the ranking is also good.

through the above analysis, we can see that Shanghai is not love can not distinguish between the original and pseudo original, but love the sea is really do is to judge your article is of value to the customer.



yes, love is always in the fight against Shanghai and pseudo original acquisition. Because you are collecting or false original content of very poor quality, and timeliness is poor, or the content of sequence is short of fundamental barrier, the customer does not have any value. This is the true love of Shanghai to combat.


examples to explain to you the problem: the original ranking is not necessarily good, pseudo original ranking is not certain difference. Even directly copying others article, can have very good rankings. I believe we have encountered this situation, A5 wrote the original article, many people reproduced, but also can be said to be copied by many people, but the basic are included, but also a good ranking, you can see my example:

love Shanghai official has always stressed that encourage the original article, against the acquisition and pseudo original, but love Shanghai what can distinguish between the original and pseudo original? Love Shanghai official has not explained the problem.

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