Do the four aspects that included new fast was the love of Shanghai

August 12, 2017

website is a search engine to crawl to be included, so our website content to fill, is not enough, because their website trust is very low, not a spider to visit, we should try to know.

just online website is the best of good quality of the original article, which lay the foundation of Web site included also will become relatively simple, a lot of websites to solve on-line website content, first collection to other sites to fill, personally think that this is very unreasonable, after all, the collection site is relatively the repetition rate is very high, the general can not be included in search engines, even some websites many columns are all empty, no content, search engine is sometimes not included.

server is a very important thing for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, stable space is conducive to search engine spiders crawl, for a new station only let your website can be opened normally, in order to successfully search engine to crawl content; this requires that we must pay attention in the choice of space, not in order to save a few money and lose, especially some foreign or Hongkong space, sometimes open speed is very slow, and often, is very unstable, we still recommend the purchase of domestic as well, after all, our website is mainly for domestic users, so choose a stable space not only meets the search engine spiders crawl. It is convenient for the user to access.

as the site construction company, the construction of the new station is a very common thing, many customers are required to establish new requirements and optimization, this time is included in the site we must first solve the problem, a lot of friends complain about their website one or two months has not been included in the normal love Shanghai, the website can be submitted after it fast love Shanghai included, sometimes we do not need to submit will be included, you can be sure it is one or two months of new sites if there is no love in Shanghai included, so there must be a reason, according to the own experience to share how to let a new fast love Shanghai included:

do not arbitrarily change the site

to change the site is new taboo, before creating a logistics website, originally is a dynamic path, quickly search engine included many pages, but in order to take the dynamic path set for the static path, said to have included the path to change again, the second day website immediately disappeared and, through the optimization of more than half a year, now only a little keyword ranking improvement. This tells us that the new station must be planned, not free to change it, it is best to create good and then uploaded to the space in the local construction, just a good web site is best not to modify it, once in love Shanghai in the assessment period, sometimes take a long time to recover.

to the high weight website spider

high quality content to support

stable space server

The The

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