Novice how to do micro business Do micro business steps

February 28, 2017

When it comes to entrepreneurship,

said, when it comes to making money, when it comes to the Internet, the first thing people think of is micro business. You will find that your side to do micro business friends are more and more. It can be said that the ten girls have to do micro business in the nine. Many friends want to do micro business, below, Shao Lianhu will tell you how to do the micro business.


a lot of friends in the micro business, many of my friends want to do micro business, but what is the micro business? I think most people don’t know, they only know WeChat called micro business sellers. OK, let’s look at what is called micro business.

1, micro business (in WeChat circle of friends who sell goods)

what is the micro business in the circle of friends in the sale of goods in the WeChat business acquaintances do so called themselves. Some are from the micro manufacturers such as Taobao and other platform migration, or a "branch" in WeChat, some are "homegrown" WeChat stores. [1] popular speaking, is to do the business of the circle of friends WeChat merchants.

2, micro providers (mobile social electricity supplier)

micro business, English name wechat Business. Its role is based on the social distribution model of WeChat ecology. It is a new type of enterprise or individual based on social media shop electricity supplier, from the model is mainly divided into two kinds: Based on the number of WeChat public micro providers to become B2C micro business, based on the circle of friends to become C2C micro shop. Micro business and Taobao, like Tmall platform (B2C micro business) also has Taobao market (C2C micro business). The difference is based on the ability of WeChat micro connect everything, the realization of social sharing of goods, acquaintances and friends circle show. From the micro business process, micro business is mainly based on the perfect trading platform – micro shop, marketing, distribution system and personal terminal plug-in share promotion micro off four parts process.

3, personal perception of micro business

derivative, in a word, is the use of those mobile Internet sellers, we call them as derivative. The arrival of the mobile Internet, for example, the emergence of a variety of micro, micro shop, micro micro station, etc., and the electricity supplier to be changed a name, called micro business. Micro electricity suppliers and have in common is the use of the network to sell goods, however, the electricity supplier is mainly used in computer operation to sell the goods, and the derivative, only need to have a smart mobile phone can sell, very convenient.

we know what is micro business, want to do very easy on the micro business. Below, I will give you a detailed description of the micro business to do a few steps:

1, product


is the derivative of sellers, there are goods, we can do business. However, what to sell it? If you are a business, businesses, direct sales of your products, services can be. You can go to the some derivative products, but most are micro is by proxy to get money, they only recruit agents, not to sell, >

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