How can you make a profitable website when you give up the garbage stationAbout D1 convenience nets

August 12, 2017

dear union webmaster, Hello,

website is a brain live is a live, in the field of Internet technology, technology is not a panacea, but no technology is absolutely not, I have a lot of experience in itself is very, I’ll think of some ideas about the website, but I have no technology to implement, can only stop.

sites should be reasonably extended to users to know


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for each customer and maintain the D1 fair price system, in order to protect the interests of the Union website, in order to the benign development of electronic commerce, from February 1, 2008 onwards, D1 decided to get convenience, union website and D1 Cooperation Commission, do not allow any rebate way back to the terminal users, including but not limited to the end of the month bonus rebate, etc.. D1 convenience net customer reception direct inquiries rebate problem. Namely: the D1 Commission obtained by the affiliate website is all owned by the alliance website, which is also beneficial for the alliance website to make profit. The D1 network will cooperate with the alliance website on a regular basis to achieve a win-win situation,

hereby notify

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

website how to make money? Website to do traffic, relatively speaking, easier to do dumpster traffic, but traffic can be converted into money? IP on thousands of sites, can earn tens of thousands, tens of thousands of IP on the station, may also earn hundreds of key, is the quality of your visitors.

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D1 convenience markets,

how to design a web site for users to attract as many visitors as possible is a question worth studying. We can see that some websites do not work as well as expected, mainly because of the lack of understanding of the user’s needs and the lack of user testing.

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how to increase the quality of website visitors? From the site planning at the beginning of the establishment, to the website of the technology, to promote profit website, must be tightly around a central point, that is:

attracts a large number of Internet users to visit your site, only half of the success, with unique content and services to allow Internet users to visit again, or to introduce web sites to his friends, is really successful.

site planning should be centered on user needs

at this point, in the early planning of the site should be a clear understanding of the basic situation of the audience of this site, the need for information and depth, so as to be targeted. On the basis of the full collection of customer data, the need for data analyzing and sorting, the most important is the website content to accurately locate the customer, it is a direct factor whether the site can attract visitors what to expect.

if the above situation occurs, we will deduct the performance of the month and will not be settled.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

of course, I also can pay someone to help me fix technology, but there are two drawbacks: first, the core technology is not on your hands, is very hard, because once you need to continuously improve the website technology, it means to spend money, but also is not convenient; second, the unique features of technology is your website sign if you sign in before has not completed, to let others know, that your web site is not competitive at all.

at the same time, the site should be distinctive, concise, clear, simple language and pictures clearly highlight the theme of the site, there is a demand to attract people’s attention on this site, the staff can not leave the impression. The basic element of a good website is that when users enter, the information related to this site can be found quickly and conveniently, and it is important to do good guidance with the help of related sites.

has a technical level that meets the needs of users,



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