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August 12, 2017

, although the tool is still in beta, it is very simple and not limited. Text addition, image import, font and typesetting can be adjusted by various visual options. For example: at the top of the page there will be a sliding ruler, and by adjusting the scale, the design will be quickly re arranged to the target size. You can also set a "critical point" to mark a state. You should replace the content instead of simply rearranging it.

Beauty Group founder Wang Xing so many years of Internet business career can be used to express four words. He has done many SNS projects, has experienced the school funds broke, had to sell, but also experienced the "no", but finally rely on the U. S. team strong success.


of course, later he found a good project. We all know that the campus is a replica of America’s Facebook. At that time there have been a number of similar SNS and internal competition, such as a and 5Q, but the school network to do fast, soon became the market share of the first social networking site. But in the end there was no money on campus

, an Froont funded by Inventure, today released an open beta version designed to simplify the process of responding to web design in a code free manner. In the past, designers and program monkeys would communicate with PS prototypes instead of visual elements and drag and drop interfaces generated by CSS/HTML. In fact, Froont may even be expected to eliminate the involvement of programmers and comrades in the drafting phase of design and prototyping.

on 2003, Wang Xing suspended his studies from the University of Delaware and led his brother Wang Huiwen to return home and start his own business. Not programming, self-study programming, continuous several projects, but also failed several projects in succession.


but traditional web design and division of labor are rather bad in response design. Want to display the site on a pile of static Photoshop on various devices, the designer must make a lot of compromise. One solution is to get designers to work with front-end programmers to implement the Photoshop prototype in HTML/CSS, so that it has a more intuitive effect. However, the operation will be repeated adjustments, the design confused.

this is different, Froont’s idea is to re design the designer returned to the hands, through the visual elements to create the actual design, and these elements is generated by HTML/CSS, and then stored in the cloud. As a result, it’s easy to see and share results on a variety of devices. When the designer will design to developers, will not be static pictures and the like, but the HTML/CSS in a clean manner or is completed, Froont company said the Facebook website ".


responsive Web Design – a single version of the web design that adapts to the screen display of different devices – is very popular right now. A variety of thriving mobile device and the desktop computer is one of the obvious reasons. Because it is necessary to cover the audience as much as possible, and to preserve the experience of different device users, responsive design is a very attractive solution for web design.

serial entrepreneur Wang Xing

although there are many visualization tools for all phases of the design at present, Adobe Reflow is similar to Froont in solving the responsive design in the HTML/CSS phase. The main difference, Froont says, is that it can run directly in the browser, allowing immediate team members, customers and developers to see results, and also better >

Chinese have been a bit of a taboo against failure since ancient times. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of the Chinese enterprises, many entrepreneurs are carnival people and media holding altar, but once encountered problems, will soon be mercilessly questioned, criticized, big and big.

in 1999, I went to Silicon Valley for the first time. It was the first wave of Internet mania. In those days, the world regarded Silicon Valley as a mecca for global innovation. But the most important word I hear about Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley is "tolerance for failure."". Silicon Valley especially encourages young people to start their own business, because in their opinion, young people can not afford to lose their business. Worst of all, you can go back and get a job. As for venture capital, the most wonderful thing is that they will tell you that they will fail. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have failed, but can have a deep review and reflection of failure, and let VCs believe that they have learned the entrepreneur is more welcome by venture capitalists.

returned home, I saw China’s first wave of Internet start-ups. At that time, the Internet was blank in China, and venture capitalists were more willing to invest in entrepreneurs who had already had successful experiences. The simplest is those with the American elite qualifications China students; of course most of their money boondoggle, and of those who think the most God’s favored one silent, rarely experience stage a comeback. Of course there are exceptions, the achievements of the myth of millet Lei Jun, Wang Xing finally tieshukaihua groups in the United States on the project, Kang Jingwei became the lead Comtech core city industrial electricity supplier in the market of Alibaba. They are not so "successful" experience, but at the end of two to three times after the toss and eventually became immortal, not blind, the opposite is based on failure of accumulated experience, insight into the law, which held a savings of resources.

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