How local classified information network to promote the collection of personal webmaster choice

August 12, 2017

second, to operate a local information website must have a certain amount of money, although the network business can start empty-handed, but this myth often just a legend, I also believe that such a myth, but later I completely denied, perhaps my ability did not reach the realm of Superman, because this kind of website promotion is not said a few soft can be solved, or on the main line of the extension, for example even to the high streets and back lanes to attach print ads, print fee so a few cents also need to invest, but such propaganda is not posted a could be effective, must be timed to attach, almost the next day to our website stick. About 100 a day, we have our own printer costs about 5 minutes. This is just one way to promote and organize regular gathering of friends, although all is AA, but you should go to have to spend some of their activities so each week.

after operation of my people network station in Dushan for more than a year, with reference to a lot of successful predecessors of site operation experience, operation encountered difficulties, are summarized in this article, I hope to help the struggle "promotion" "acquisition" personal webmaster.

first, to the website operation must have good team, it is not possible, this I experience. Because a person is unlikely to be completed at the same time promotion and information collection task.

then I read an article, the author can not remember now, "information website, we must first do content, traffic will own >

third, website promotion and information collection must not be a person to do, because do not promote only once, to do regularly. Collect information engineering is more difficult, must go to collect every day. If a person to do these two jobs, I want to do well in what is not, and that within a month you will be exhausted.

early station, I had the naive idea, online download, rent a room, buy a domain name can open the station. Contact the field after the discovery, personal webmaster want to run a website on this scale is very difficult, or even impossible to perform. Well, here is not the suspense, the following simple talk about my views.

classified information network, perhaps a lot of people are considered to be the best kind of Web site operators, in fact, especially the local classification information website operation is more difficult.

of course I once read an article in Dongguan wood supervisor said, "information website is mainly to do the promotion, there will be a natural person to send information", I tried, but failed. Perhaps the local network awareness of our website in is not so strong, to carry out a week visiting rate is 600ip, but there is no published information. But the bounce rate 99% webmaster statistics.

through the above three points, we can see that the site still need team, at least 3 people team, a gathering, a promotion, a business.

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