Fire abroad! A number of Japanese businesses to participate in Alipay double 12

February 28, 2017

December 10th, in Tokyo, Japan, customers buy goods at a mall.


ant payment service group before the announcement, "double 12" global consumer Festival Officially launched. With the popularity of mobile payment technology and support, this year’s double 12 also slowly showing the characteristics of internationalization. It is reported that this year’s "double 12" global millions of businesses to participate in overseas, which attracted Australia, United States, Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Korea and other 16 countries and regions, a total of 7 stores in the next line of business 10000.


explanation: in December 10th, in the Japanese capital of Tokyo, a store clerk for customers using Alipay checkout.


photo: December 10th, in Tokyo, Japan, a customer in a shopping mall to buy goods.

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