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August 8, 2017

The essence of

what I do is the exchange chain, here I do not announce my website and , in order to avoid AD suspicion.

coupon category:

cash coupons, consumers hold coupons $

with the purchase voucherThe effect of

through the Taobao search box, we literally yisou, reselling coupons too many to count Taobao store. Coupons generally, they are priced at 0.1 yuan -100 yuan range. Some people would say, 0.1 yuan, 1 yuan, 2 yuan, on the average Taobao sell >!


reselling coupons is really lucrative,


it’s been a long time and I can’t remember. The content of the article is to make a picture station first, then go to several exchange chains to exchange content, and then go everywhere to promote. Then I followed suit. What’s the effect?. Did it for 1 months, though not yet. But also at more than 6000 IP, put 1 popups and GG ads GG is the previous group of big brother sent me, thank him very much. I got a little income a day, too. Later, I did many websites, found many exchange chains to do, and found a few good things I have done. The amount of return is also small, many are repeated IP, and later thought for a few days, intends to do their own exchange chain. Then he asked the friends in the group. The investment is large, at least more than 30 thousand, very basic price, they say, mainly the program expensive. Everything else is ok. In this way, I look for free programs on the website every day. I can’t find it anywhere. Later, I saw an advertisement, easy ad League program and easy exchange chain program. ASP’s 600 yuan. PHP 1500. Isn’t it expensive? I talked to customer service and I bought a PHP. Listen to everyone talking about the safety and stability of PHP. In purple field rented a server, 800 yuan / month, telecommunication line. I bought an ad on I bought it at the station, but unfortunately they were full,. All investment only 4000 yuan less. I’m glad to hear that. I got an exchange chain at such a low price. Every day there are dozens of webmaster to join, I’m busy is happy ah, but I found this easy to exchange chain program has problems. Many functions can not be achieved, and there is no cheating function. 2 months later, the traffic was high. The site is too old to open. The program does not connect with the MYSQL phenomenon. Later I went to ask Yi Yi’s technology. He said that the traffic is too large, the server can not withstand it. Server plus. It’s none of their business. Later, after several twists and turns, sh419, stationmaster station, adm>

discount coupons, consumer coupons can enjoy consumer discounts

special coupons, consumer coupons can buy special goods

layoffs, because in the past have been watching the station, so there is a web of ideas to make money, do not know what to do at first? At the station looking for a few days, have no clue, and added a few webmaster group. Say now do industry stand good, make money. Unfortunately, it’s been too long. I haven’t been able to make any money yet. I’ve been starving to death. After several twists and turns, I heard that the king of ADMIN5, this person is better, go to him. Unfortunately, I didn’t add him. maybe he’s busy now. Later, in the group before adding, asked the king of the following story, I heard that the king is doing more than N pictures station, fortune. So I have plans to do picture stations. Later, in the Webmaster Station and found a few articles to do picture station, looked down. It seems that a friend sent an article called """; let your website iP " per month; call it by name.

experience coupons, consumer spending coupons can experience part of the service

coupons for consumers, online shopping groups, you can appropriately reduce online shopping expenses, reduce shopping costs, to achieve the purpose of saving money. If consumers receive a coupon to the online shopping network in Longxiang shopping guide website, through its website to the shopping site shopping, a discount coupons can be a certain degree of shopping money, but also have a certain proportion of the net cash return longxiang. This can be described as folded fold, careful calculation.

coupons for businesses is actually a short-term consumer tool, and it just integral constitute the basic tool for daily marketing, help to increase the quantity of businesses in a certain extent.

gift coupons, consumer coupons, consumption can receive designated gifts

I was laid off in April 08

what is a coupon

change coupons, consumers can purchase

, let’s talk a little bit about scalpers on Taobao’s online shopping platforms, such as C2C, which resell the coupons for major B2C shopping sites. While some consumers are using tools such as search engines to find coupons for popular shopping malls, some see business opportunities. They earn coupons by selling coupons from various sources, selling them at platforms such as Taobao and selling coupons at $0.1 to $100.

coupons on businesses and consumers

in the booming business as everyone knows, no matter economy today, or a plains of the ancient times, there have been a group of people alive in everyone’s sight, they use the law of value, the principle of the simple economic supply and demand, through various means of hoarding and profiteering, earn high profits in order to achieve the purpose of people, bring them an interesting the name "scalpers".

Coupons: give the holder the right to some special coupons such as credit items or enjoy the guests discount coupons can be traced back to 1887. In 1887, Coca-Cola launched a groundbreaking coupon to attract more people to buy their own drinks.

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