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August 7, 2017

the fact that the current Wangzhuan industry is very confusing, in sh419 input Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, open at the front are some advertising stations, most of the advertising can truly let the novice to learn how much? Wangzhuan novice entry before sh419 search to the first word or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum, optimization good advertising is people in the station! This uncomfortable ah! Those ads can be said is not to earn what money, after the operation of those new friends advertising a majority of people will lose the higher confidence in sh419! At the top but couldn’t find a really good learning forum, real ad free learning forum! Novice friends also do not have a good mentality!

then, how do we choose the right one for these three types of articles? The selection criteria are different:

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are dreamers and doers, both inspiration and execution can be hard to start, but not every genius can be successful; at the same time, many ordinary people do not rely on the talent to succeed, they rely on is the right way of doing things.

currently chicken soup is divided into three main categories:

1. industry articles, needless to say, I do read and work related. A more selective selection can be given to authority or sales, and major works or most people’s reading programming materials may not be the best for you, but not too bad. In addition, the reading should be specialized and thorough. One must read several good books in one field. Once you start on the right track, you’ll be busy. Don’t look at all the books and create an illusion of your own knowledge. It doesn’t make sense for Entrepreneurship

3. deals with specific people and company stories such as Steve ·, Steve Jobs and Hatching Twitter.

in order to succeed, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants. In order to avoid failure, you do not have to take the detours that others have taken.

beginner * * * is the most important basic knowledge Wangzhuan! My website has a special introductory video you can go to my Wangzhuan >

nonsense, say no more, or the article tens of thousands of words! Ha ha! Go to the topic!

summary: repeat again: in order to succeed, you need to stand on the shoulders of giants. In order to avoid failure, you do not have to take the detours that others have taken. Reading is a kind of knowledge accumulation, is the granary and dam, is a nip in the bud, but definitely not tanks and gunfire can help you directly take cities and seize territory.

second, learning Wangzhuan not anxious. Don’t think I’ll learn to make money, and now do Wangzhuan industry is the most CPA and all the side of this kind of CPA CPA Alliance operating income will be new friends every day in the range of $10–200! But don’t waste time learning for a long time!

is here, talking to myself again, rich network must do Wangzhuan Forum Forum standard of high quality, do not put those spam, let the beginner can have a clean and comfortable learning environment! Really help some want to learn to make money through the network of entrepreneurs

if you don’t accumulate knowledge and start your business, you may waste time on the detour that others have taken, which is not worth it.

for beginner entering Wangzhuan industry gives several good

! !Third,

want to read chicken soup?

learning attitude! ! Why does

check my website in sh419 keyword row today Wangzhuan forum page fourth, by three, had another step forward. In the analysis of the word forum, A5 found that there is a connection line of the first page, will come to learn! Read some articles, we feel the current Wangzhuan industry to have the kind of feeling can not tell

are very worth reading some people didn’t read when they started their business, but later they made up a missed lesson, and the third had some special effects.

Wangzhuan industry is now more and more people into the market, now Wangzhuan is also very confused, after a series of things, Wangzhuan industry is now the chaos of the purple people. For the beginner friends, is a great loss! Today I am beginner write personal views, write well wuguai

The first two kinds of

choose to read? It doesn’t poison itself,

1. practical books or blogs that guide you in industry, products, and technology, such as a big part of programming or design;

first, don’t think Wangzhuan operation immediately can make a lot of money, this is not practical, really do Wangzhuan do well are high make history! Rather clever also need 1 years or so! Come a few years


What kind of chicken soup does !So is

some time in Wangzhuan industry, after many, groundless talk has faced many failures, done a lot of projects, do partial on both sides of the Changjiang River advertising alliance. It also summarizes some experience! Today we share the hope for the beginner friends can help a little

2. is not specific to a certain field, but involves the whole field of entrepreneurial methods, such as financing skills, team management, equity distribution, office habits and other related knowledge and experience;

a lot of people think that failure is the mother of success, emphasizing the need to start a business curve is the necessary tuition, they choose to say this just to make sense of their failure – failure is meaningless. Not every tuition is so expensive. You can always learn something useful while you are successful. You can also learn and succeed at the same time.

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