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August 7, 2017

for Yao Jinbo’s "magic" place, some people commented: he is a "magic" boss, because he "close eyes" can make money".

in December 2005, by virtue of early years founded Yi

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editor’s note: he’s a "fantastic" boss because he can make money with his eyes closed".

in fact, because he created a "magic" web site, whether it is to find a job, find a house, in this website platform, are likely to be resolved. Under the command of 25000 employees, the market value of over 13 billion U. S. dollars, to China Internet Corporation listed in the United States stock market capitalization of fifth position.

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creates "magic"


, a blockbuster. "All you have to do in China is not necessarily a good thing, for it is likely that many have tried and have not let you know that you are dead."." In the "partnership Chinese" in the first quarter of the first phase, he sometimes point out "pain", and for entrepreneurs in the program there is no good at giving systematic guidance, the boss of the shelf, showing the wisdom conquered countless fans, known as "the God of investors".

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Yao Jinbo created the website 58 city April 17, 2015, and Ganji merger of 58, since its establishment in 2005, has experienced three rounds of financing. 12 years later, this "magic" site performance is still "magic."". Last month 25, 58 release 2017 Q1 earnings, the figure is pretty good, to achieve revenue of 1 billion 988 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of 31.7%. Yao Jinbo evaluated it on micro-blog with "beyond expectations".

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in the Xu Xiaoping and Li Guoqing talk rapidly firmly against the background, wearing a pair of simple frame glasses, he is gentle, white, face, eyes hidden under a clear and rational logic. The scene of fierce logomachy lip gun, he often is the quiet, listening to the last speaker.

just over the age of 40 he was worth up to billions of dollars. In 2015, "Forbes" magazine has done a "under the age of 40 Chinese business elite list, ranked in the top three were Liu Qiangdong, Wang Xiaochuan, Fu Sheng, Yao Jinbo fourth is the founder of the" God of investors "– the magical 58 city sites of the.


for the listing of the company expectations, this is not the first time in life yaojinbo. As early as 1999, he began to invest in the Internet business, he had previously participated in the establishment of the school education, and all the way to bring it to the market.

is not only for this year’s Q1 earnings exceeded expectations, 58 in the field of Internet status also exceeded yaojinbo business had expected when, "at that time I wanted to make a company can make money, the best can be listed, then think so, very simple." Yao Jinbo told people in an interview.

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