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August 6, 2017

have you noticed that if you want to control an elephant, people need traction ropes that are very thin,

              good news just to see the AdSense Chinese blog published an article about advertising test article, A/B test to help you find suitable for your advertising format, optimization of the webmaster is very good.
              there are many publishers can not determine their own web pages which type of advertising formats and colors, the best effect. Some publishers believe that their current advertising format is the best, but the fact is not really so?

              what exactly is the best mix of ad formats and colors; it needs to be spoken by data. The A/B test can help you find the answer.

              if you are unable to determine the 300×250 and 336×280 format, or the two kinds of yield different color which can bring better, you can use A/B to test between different competing about advertising solutions.

              the first two group advertising test are respectively set custom channels, then Chinese part of the two groups were replaced the following ad code templates and add to the web page code, finally you can use custom report to track the channel between the two groups of advertising the effect of the. Also remind you when you use the A/B test, be careful not to modify the rest of the ad code.

             ; < script; type=" text/javascript" >

          Math.random;     VAR random_number =;

           ;   if random_number <.5 {

              / / the first group advertising code


mental disorders,

the truth is, this has nothing to do with ropes. It’s called a mental disorder. There are a lot of experienced professionals who come with these mental barriers.

if you are a start-up company that wants to subvert existing business experience or workflow, such as changing the software usage and payment methods of software as a service SaaS startups. You are often told that it is impossible to do, and you, in all the battles against these people, find that they have developed mental barriers. These people are the ones who have been trained in the industry, with such "things can’t be done" ideas.

let me say the reason:

– but we only do fixed rates. We don’t do CPC/CPA or CPM.

in most cases, they ask for about three to four times the salary that an start-up company wants to pay. Is it worth it? Maybe. But how much talent can they bring with me? I guess it might not be worth it.

elephants can easily break away, but never run away. Well, that’s because the elephants were trained in their childhood and never escaped from the rope.

is in this way, Steve, · Ballmer laughed at Apple’s iPhone release:

now think so good, but there is a fact, is that these have work experience, all with a very dazzling salary over, the high wages for many of the early to mid entrepreneurial companies, is not acceptable.


– you should sell it by CPM/CPC.

this is my conversation with a senior sales executive when I’m interviewing for a social networking sales team.


– but that’s how the industry works. You can’t charge at a fixed rate. No one does that. It’s not reliable at all.

, the $five hundred contract machine program, I can say, is the most expensive cell phone I’ve seen in the world. It is simply not feasible for business users, because there is no keyboard, which makes it impossible to send e-mail perfectly. Now it might sell very well, you know, we have me

I’ve often met an entrepreneur who needs to hire an advanced role. Generally speaking, people prefer to use people who have already had work experience in this position.

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