Local web site promotion 15 days of results

August 5, 2017

local URL station promotion 15 days of effect

this time, I had a place called Zhanjiang: Web site navigation, web site, web site (, this station from now do a total of 15 days, today I to each big search query, the query with the keyword "Zhanjiang site", Baidu, GG, SOSO ranked second, YAHOO ranked first. I’m glad to see the search results. Now let me tell you all about my experience.


do this station, I was the first choice of the program, first I exclude static program choice, after all. The static program for the railway station with good treatment, the late update site connection is also troublesome, so I found a ASP program to find the program, a lot of problems, can not add URL, classification it can not add, so I spent a few days time to modify and beautify the program, do a good job, is to each big website, Baidu, GG and other local stations to search and collect local website, collect almost, to the local site to publicity, promotion, and then sent to my local website the understanding of friends, let them put my web site set to the home page, and then to Internet cafes and Internet cafes boss, then send me a web site set to the home page, do not underestimate this, I just My site is set to the home page in two Internet cafes, where internet friends know this site, if you feel good, they will easily put the URL to their friends, a tell a pass ten, ten pass 100, so a local station will do. Up to now, in the Zhanjiang area, a lot of people know this. I stood. Not bad. In the process, I haven’t been to Baidu post bar and know the publicity. I know that Baidu is very disgusted with other people who go to his site for free advertising. So I didn’t, that’s what I did, with little input and great results.

to do web site, as long as the intentions, everything is possible.

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