Wang Yuezhang how do you feel about mixing the nternet in Beijing

August 5, 2017


was in college, he was just in touch with the Internet. He already had his own goals, and his future was in Beijing.

had this idea has several sources, the first is influenced by his brother, he is a computer major, and was an employee of Lenovo, to hear him say many of the situation in Beijing, Zhongguancun high tech park what ah, ah, that time had been longing for Beijing. Secondly, Chinese Beijing is the center of IT industry, many domestic famous enterprises headquarters are located in Beijing, even when not in Beijing, will also have a branch in Beijing, the Beijing area is the north central server, it can be said that most of the domestic sites flow together to Beijing. Third, by our local traditional thinking, we have the "northern people to Beijing, southerners to Shanghai development" argument, we Shijiazhuang is the north of the.

know a lot of friends this year, most are in the field, many of whom are talking particularly well, some of my friends also mentioned the idea to Beijing, to Beijing for a year, then I will talk about some of Beijing’s status, but also to introduce friends, of course, is just some of my personal opinion, for reference, hoho~

1, offline activities. Because many web sites are selected in the development of Beijing, therefore, the industry website also will regularly hold some activities, on the one hand, in order to promote their website, improve website reputation and viscosity, on the one hand in order to accumulate more contacts, convenient after cooperation. These activities include the exchange of industry, tourism and dinner outing station members, KTV and so on, like a push this week organized a "killer", so far, a push Jiang Likun also organized a large and small have dozens of activities, the push website promotion effect it is very significant, from a push forum will be able to see it.

2, free lectures are particularly large. I enjoyed listening to successful people when I was in college. It was exciting to have an influential person in the school to give a lecture at that time. After all, this opportunity is not enough in school. However, after coming to Beijing, all of this becomes commonplace, and speaker level is high level, this Friday, listen to the former vice president of Microsoft Greater China Mr. Gao Qunyao’s economic crisis on the Internet in a keynote speech, his spare time to listen to this high level of speech is honored, this let yourself have a feeling, experience the Internet about these people’s eyes, they can stand in the point of view, let your eyes get sublimation. It can be said that you need to recharge your spare time friends, this is a very good choice, not to mention, this is a free event.

3, industry exchanges, gatherings. Even the Internet can be subdivided into a lot of small industries, almost every industry will have regular exchanges, such as BD industry exchanges, media exchanges and so on, these parties are free to participate, but also >

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