Liu Yu included grasp the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, successful network promotion

August 3, 2017

Chinese on holiday enthusiasm can be said is always very high, especially the annual Mid Autumn Festival, national day and it closely adjacent, so a good grasp of the opportunity, but also quickly improve website traffic to improve brand awareness, are the best time to the success of the network promotion.

one, buy and give

use of the mid autumn festival website marketing example is too many, the most common include what the moon cake moon cake sales, group purchase, and gift vouchers, all with the marketing related topics can operate, we can be the moon cake as a gift and their customers’ product distribution out, one of the new and old customers our two is to create a momentum, create awareness.

two, viral

is a festival, of course, there must be greetings, especially the Mid Autumn Festival reunion, no one will refuse to bless, even if this greeting in the generation of some advertising figure. SMS, the network has become the main way to pass blessings, because of the media media relations, network blessing has become the main way. We can do some exquisite pictures, and fun messages to spread out, so that we are also interchangeable with each other, creative, emotional things, we like, and naturally help us to promote.

three, SEO

if SEO is a technology live, so in this day to find the optimization and combination of some key words, will bring people to our website, I would be an increase in site traffic, a means to improve the visibility of the. Perhaps because a word, your website is good, a good maintenance, may be on fire for some time is not necessarily.

four, Forum blog

Mid Autumn Festival, is a very romantic holiday, for those who are in different places, people who may then homesickness affection, they are most in need of comfort and care. If at this time you interact with them, there may be a lot of people on the moon’s response, such as writing, telling about emotion, poetry linkage on the Mid Autumn Festival, which will allow users to interact with you. Of course, your popularity will be promoted, the emotion is always the most moving, and this is the least cost of people and people the best way to communicate.

in short, the Mid Autumn Festival and national day this period, for businesses, for network promotion is a good opportunity to grasp, and perhaps there will be no small harvest. Whether online or offline, we are in front of a business opportunity unlimited period of time, let us seize this opportunity to carry out a successful network of effective promotion.

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